A Magic Hour Prayer of Connection

A Magic Hour Prayer for Connection

November 2nd, 2020

Dear One,

Speak this as you perform your simple tea ceremony.

Share with a loved one, or many.

Sip your tea and focus on your values.

What we may experience over the next few days is confusion, division and rising anger. Do not let it take your heart and mind hostage. You are a being of light, you are a uniter not a divider, you are a precious soul traversing planet earth with a destiny and a reason for being. You are here to experience pure love in form. We are collectively experiencing shadow, the shadow is not to be succumbed to, but to be transmuted into light. If you are here, you are a lightworker.

Make a cup of tea for yourself, center into three heart breaths, repeat the prayer as you sip and breathe mindfully. You are here for greatness—that greatness is you. May you experience peace and beauty today and all days.


May I love with my whole heart
May I feel with my whole body
May I dream with my whole soul
May I forgive with my whole mind
May I find commonality
May I seek understanding
May I create true connection
May I create continuity
May I be liberated from illusion
May I offer tea
May I form kind gestures
May I welcome other
May I smile toward what may seem unlike me
May I be safe from violence in thought and deed
May I be cleansed, blessed and formed
In a baptism of Divine light.