Self-Guided Ceremonial Tea Cleanse Kits


Feeling sluggish? Feeling stressed?

Wanting to optimize your wellness with an accessible way to use tea on a daily basis to release excess body (& mind!) weight, sleep more deeply and enhance your brain function (and joy!)?


In this time where our health needs to be paramount, we are offering a journey of wellness alongside our founder, tea master, and medicine woman, Zhena. Allow yourself to be taken on a daily journey of tea & transformation as you naturally detoxify your body, release unwanted habits, learn self-care rituals, and create ceremonies of wellness and connection in less than an hour a day!* 

Cleanse your Mind-Body-Spirit in our 2-week tea Self-Guided cleanse featuring meditation, tea ceremonies, sisterhood, and infinite wellness benefits!*

The purpose of this cleanse is to help you find your body's natural tea & wellness algorithm, enhance your immunity & relax into wellness with Mindful tea and botanical ceremonies twice a day.* 

Tea’s abundant health benefits range from brain health, detoxifying, mood balance, metabolism-enhancing, anti-aging, anti-anxiety, prebiotic & probiotic digestive help as well as balancing blood sugar and lowering cortisol levels while aiding sleep and relaxation.*

The Mission behind Our Ceremonial Cleanse is to help you learn your Natural Body Algorithms, increase your body intuition & increase your feel-good hormones through calming rituals that allow you to nurture your body-mind & soul.*

You will journey with Zhena as she shows you through daily meditation, self-reflection, habit witnessing, tea ceremony and journaling how to:
+Calm your nervous system*
+Balance moods*
+Release excess weight*
+Tune into your heart’s language through the Art & Science of Tea*

You will learn details of each herb and tea for added knowledge and expertise so you can create a natural apothecary to deepen your relationship to the plant world. 

*You will uncover parts of yourself that may have been silenced long ago.
*You will learn to live in more alignment with your purpose.  
*With the guidance of tea ceremony, we will together uncover newfound calm to increase our well-being during a time when the world feels chaotic.
*We will learn discernment so we can take our attention and time back.
*We will learn somatic healing techniques to add to our daily peace arsenal.

What you'll receive:
  • 2 weeks of recorded morning & evening meditation + ceremony
  • Tea Recipes, supplement information & Tea Education 
  • A beautiful PDF workbook to print and use for your journey
  • Access to the Ceremonial Cleanse Facebook group 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Here are your Tea Kit options:
Caffeine-Free Cleanse Kit: 4 x one ounce pouches (10-15 cups in each pouch) for $33 - Includes: Citrine Cleanse, Lucid Dreams, Mantra Mint, and Ruby Moon.

Relax to Slim Cleanse Kit: 6 x one ounce pouches (10-15 cups in each pouch) for $66 -Includes: Bohemian Breakfast, Almond Matcha, Renewal, Ti Quan Yin, Mantra Mint, and Child’s Pose.

Relax to Slim Cleanse Kit with Ceremonial Matcha Boost: $88
All of the above + a one ounce pouch of Organic Ceremonial Matcha (10-15 cups in each pouch).

Goddess Skin Aglow Cleanse: 8 x one ounce pouches (10-15 cups in each pouch) for $66 - Includes: Bohemian Breakfast, Raspberry Earl White, Harmonize, Renewal, Jasmine Pearls, Goddess Green, Mantra Mint, and Child’s Pose.

Please note: This is a self-guided course and there are no live group sessions with Zhena.


"NEW is a beautiful word for an 89 year old, but that is the way I felt after the Autumn Cleanse. The tea ceremony is just what I needed to have me stop and take note of what I am feeling. This will stay with me forever." 

- Almira

"This ceremonial tea cleanse is heart expanding & life changing! Life always has its challenges but in the past year it’s like someone turned the dial up all the way. This tea ceremony cleanse gives us tools to cope, yes, but it goes so much deeper than that. In two week’s time I had personal break-throughs and insights that I’ve never experienced before, all while sipping the most beautiful tea in the world! Unlike other programs that feel great while doing them, but fall to the wayside after the course is over, this one is so authentically practiced over and over throughout the program that the teachings becomes personalized and flow naturally into every day life after the cleanse. This tea ceremony is simply who I am now – what a gift!!"

- Tami Kowal, The Mindful Tea Queen

"Zhena, you are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your genuine spirit and path with the group. The whole team at Club Magic Hour was engaging with pure hearts! That is truly an impression that lasts.

Blessing all and keep shining!"


"Dear Zhena, Beautiful Soul... Lover of Truth & Light... Zen Warrior.
You are such a gentle yet powerful teacher!
You have created something so unique in this energetic tea cleanse, incorporating deep spiritual truths and ritual. Breaking it down and making everything so understandable, so applicable and real for the average person to use everyday as we strive for the higher road. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I have danced around some of these teachings for years in my personal journey of healing, but I have never before found this message taught in such an accessible manner. Centering... Mindfulness... Self-Love... I really get it now!"
- Leila

"Your ceremonial tea cleanse helped me immensely. I do not think I have ever paused five times a day to check in with my senses and enjoy teas of this quality. I feel lighter, more relaxed, and I have been sleeping like a baby. My biggest ah-ha moment during the cleanse was an extended commitment to self-care. I did not want to the cleanse to end! I plan to continue the rituals and practices daily. I also intend to keep my Divine tea space intact as a reminder to pause and pour into myself before offering myself in service to others."

Organic Hibiscus, Organic Elderberries, Organic Cranberry, Organic Rosehips, Organic Rooibos and Organic Berry Extracts

A lush canvas for iced tea and cocktails, this enthralling berry blend steeps crimson, tart & inspired. As you allow the botanicals to infuse your body with vital antioxidants and high-levels of vitamin C, envision your heart and your cells being filled with protective light and the glowing beams of a Ruby-hued moon. 

In the age of Covid, this is a timely tea teeming with health benefits to bolster your cells and nourish your immune system and heart health. 

Hibiscus has shown to be effective in weight loss, cutting fat from the liver, and helping reduce bad cholesterol. In test tube studies, Hibiscus extract has been shown to reduce the growth & spread of prostate, stomach, mouth and plasma cancer cells. Studies have also found it effective in fighting bacterial infections. 

Elderberry has been shown to shorten the duration of colds and flu as well as boost immunity, fight bacteria and is rich in Vitamin C. 

Heart-healthy Cranberries increase your levels of HDL (good cholesterol) & lower bad cholesterol. Cranberries lower blood pressure & decrease blood levels of homocysteine which cuts risk of inflammation in blood vessels. Cranberries also contain unique plant compounds which may cut your risk of ulcer & stomach cancer by protecting your stomach lining from H. Pylori from attaching. Cranberries also aid against urinary tract infections. 

Rosehips are high in Vitamin C--a vitamin crucial to increasing immunity, vitality and wellness. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ancient cultures have used elderberries for wellness & to ward off virus. Hibiscus has been a tart & healing tea in equatorial countries and Mexico for centuries. 

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