Self-Guided 8 Day Ceremonial Tea Cleanse Kit! #TEASTRONG



Create a new path with newfound energy, and revitalize your body and mind through this 8 day #TEASTRONG cleanse! 

Our transformative journey together will be rooted in the ancient wisdom of tea and Chakras, led by our founder and master blender, Zhena. 

As we move through the cleanse, we will explore food cravings, desires, and emotions as they develop and arise. While 8 days is not a long time, I recommend you use it to set the tone for the rest of the year. We will explore Tea Algorithms, your intuitive tea schedule, and intentions. 

You'll receive: 

  • Daily exercise #TEASRONG videos 
  • Recordings of 2 daily Zoom tea ceremonies with Zhena. 
  • An 8-day guided booklet to accompany you 
  • Access to our private Facebook Group 
  • Love, Support and Wellness Tips from Zhena & Our Communitea 

Here are your Tea Kit options: 

Luxe Tea Cleanse Kit: 12 one ounce pouches (15 cups in each pouch) for $99 

Includes: Almond Matcha, Bohemian Breakfast, Child's Pose, Citrine Cleanse, Coconut Chai, Goddess Green, Lucid Dream, Mantra Mint, Moringa Moon, Ruby Moon, Sin Eraser, and Renewal 

Caffeine-Free Cleanse Kit: 6 x one ounce pouches (15 cups in each pouch) for $55 

Includes: Child's Pose, Citrine Cleanse, Lucid Dreams, Mantra Mint, Moringa Moon, and Ruby Moon. 

All Tea'd Up Cleanse Kit: This is the NO TEA, PLEASE option for $33

Tea Strong!


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