Raspberry Earl Grey Black Tea


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An exquisite twist on a classic. Energizing Bergamot essential oil highlights the rich flavor of Biodynamically-Grown Ceylon black tea leaves and organic, freeze-dried raspberries. Be transported with this fine tea grown in vital organic soil, sprinkled with light monsoon rains, embodying the scent of pristine mountain air of Sri Lanka’s magical High-Country.

Fair Trade, Organic, Artisan Blend of Biodynamically Grown Teas from Sri Lanka, Organic Freeze Dried Raspberries, Natural Raspberry Flavor Extract


HEALTH BENEFITS: Bergamot is a natural anxiety tamer. Natural, essential oil flavored Earl Grey tea has been used for over two centuries to aid the body’s precious filter--the liver. Raspberries are rich in trace minerals and antioxidants, while the pristine, Biodynamically-grown black tea leaves are high in polyphenols and unfurl to show us glimpses of heaven. A fountain of youth, Raspberries are high in ellagic acid, vitamin c, and are anti-inflammatory.

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS: Bergamot is a citrusy top note used in aromatherapy to soothe nerves, ease depression, and serve as an emissary of relaxation. The scent of the tea leaves found in this potion has been known to remind one of their divine source. 

Global Tradition

Brought to the courts of England to alleviate the woes of winter, our Earl Grey is kissed by Raspberries, reminding you to treat yourself and those you love like royalty. As you steep this tea, infuse the concoction with the imagery of your life’s biggest dreams. As you serve it to yourself, imagine those dreams becoming truer each sip. Steamed milk & honey turns this berry-hued happiness potion into a rich dessert-like meditation on what it means to be alive, really truly in-your-body alive.

Magic Hour Sampler Set with Simple Steep

Flowers? Chocolate? ...Tea! 

Surprise someone you cherish with the gift of wellness & tea decadence with a unique & magical sensory experience. This vibrant & colorful Magic Hour eco-luxe gift box includes our bestselling floral and chocolate teas:

Sampler with Simple Steep

Raise Your Vibe Box

Raspberry Earl Grey is paired with a transformation teaching by Magic Hour founder, purpose-driven social entrepreneur, teacher, author, executive coach and public speaker, Zhena Muzyka, who teaches you how to choose intentional, "high-vibe" emotions to process life’s twists and turns.

Rasie Your Vibe Box


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