Ojai Pink Moment Gift Set

Savor the beauty of Ojai Valley's Pink Moment with our Pink Moment Gift Set. Indulge in the enchanting Pink Moment Pixie captured in a Violet Glass Apothecary Jar, complemented by the chic Traveler Jar. Elevate your tea ritual with the opulent Midas Touch Gold Tea Strainers. This gift setinvites you to experience the serenity of Ojai's famed sunset in every sip.

Pink Moment Pixie: Organic Apple Chunks, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Rosehips, Organic Elderberry, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Monk Fruit, Organic Calendula Petals, Organic Black Currants, Pink Peppercorns, Orange Slices, Tangerine & Orange Essential Oil

  • Pink Moment Pixie Violet Glass Apothecary Jar (up to 65 cups)
  • Pink Moment Pixie Traveler Jar (10-15 cups)
  • Midas Touch Gold Tea Strainer
  • Magic Hour Gift Box
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Bright flavors of tangerine, orange and lush hibiscus meld with immune supporting elderberry & vitamin-c rich rosehips for a caffeine free steep which will transport you to our mystical valley where we blend this tea as a love letter to you and the world. 

Ojai is a land of magic and possibility, where the dusk is painted a rose hued pink and the mountains alight amid a ceremonial, calming glow. Pixie Tangerine groves, vineyards, and meditation gardens dot the landscape of our beautiful valley where we blend this tea with love for you to taste the landscape of the mystical lands we call home. 

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