Japanese Rose



Japan cultivates our famed Matcha 1111--the highest grade Matcha known. Of course the impeccable perfection of our tea growers & masters translates to this new endeavor to grow a perfect black tea. Rare & beautiful, you will find this black tea has virtually no tannin, it's smooth & sips like a cloud. I do find this to be the "perfect" black tea & when we added a fresh harvest of wild organic rose petals, the sweet gentleness of the flavor opened my heart to new heights. Sweet, gentle, with hints of sunshine, mist & lava-soil mineral you will love this tea as an iced treat or as a beautiful black tea-rose latte.

Black Tea from Kagoshima Black Tea, Organic Wild Roses

Health Benefits

Roses offer fragrant sips and a lush bouquet of vitamins A,C, and E, enhancing inner and outer glow. Roses are high in antioxidants quercetin and ellagic acid, which contribute to bright, lucid skin, and a happy heart.

Black Tea promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure and decreasing "bad" cholesterol (LDL.) According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 3 cups per day significantly reduces the risk of a stroke. Black tea also supports a healthy gut flora, and contains L-Theanine, an amino acid responsible for the balanced delivery of caffeine.