Idulgashinna Black Tea

Atop the picturesque mountains of Sri Lanka’s sacred Uji Region perches Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden at 5,300 ft high. Bordering a wildlife preserve this pioneer tea plantation Is the pinnacle of sustainability and humanity harmonized Into a divine and delicious variation of Black Teas that are grown surrounded by a wild life preserve & a bird sanctuary.

Organic, Biodynamic Sri Lankan Black Tea from the Idulgashinna Tea Estate

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My connection with Idulgashinna goes beyond the tea; it's deeply personal. In the embrace of this enchanting tea estate, my husband and I exchanged vows, uniting our lives in a heartfelt wedding ceremony. Now, each cup of Idulgashinna black tea holds not just its unique flavors but the sweet memories of that day, forever binding me to this idyllic place. As I prepare to revisit this beloved garden at the end of the month, I'm reminded that, in the world of tea, stories, love, and flavors all find their perfect blend, leaving an indelible mark on the heart.

Organic Farming: The estate is committed to organic farming, which means they do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in their tea cultivation. This not only helps in preserving the soil quality but also ensures that the teas are free from chemical residues.

Biodynamic Farming: This method goes a step beyond organic farming, involving practices like using herbal preparations to enhance soil health, planting cover crops to protect the soil, and coordinating planting and harvesting activities with lunar cycles. It aims to create a closed-loop, sustainable farming system where the farm is viewed as a single, self-sustaining organism.

High-Quality Tea: The combination of organic and biodynamic farming methods, along with the high elevation of the estate, contributes to producing high-quality teas with a rich flavor profile and aromatic notes.

Brew Idulgashinna black tea with water heated to about 200-212°F (93-100°C). Steep for 3-5 minutes for a delightful balance, though you can adjust steeping times to suit your taste.

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The estate is located in the Uva Province, which is renowned for producing some of the best teas in Sri Lanka. Its specific location within the highlands gives the tea a unique flavor profile that is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Community Engagement

Idulgashinna Bio Tea Estate is known for its community engagement efforts. They provide fair wages and good working conditions to their workers, contributing to the overall well-being of the local community.

Global Recognition

The tea from Idulgashinna has received global recognition for its quality and the sustainable practices employed in its cultivation. It is exported to several countries and is appreciated for its rich flavor and aroma.

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