Capricorn: Tea for the Rarest Sign & Queen of the Winter Oolong


Capricorn Queen

Born of the winter you climb to the summit of rebirth with a force reserved only for the daughter of Saturn. As disciplined as Artemis, as sensual as Aphrodite, as powerful as the earth meeting sea, we marvel at the bounty your harvest in the longest nights. Bringer of light, queen of boundaries and beauty, you see the world as a mountain to climb, own and tame.

As Rare & Uncommon as You

Begins Shipping January 15th

Pinnacle Grade Teas, as Rare and Uncommon as You. 

Meet Capricorn, the rarest sign in the Zodiac. Our Capricorn Vintage 2022 Tea was blended during the Reign of Capricorn, Welcoming the Year of the Tiger. 

Toasty, metabolism-boosting Se Chung oolong melds harmoniously with Ti Quan Yin—Goddess of Compassion—Oolong for a warming & deeply satisfying steep. Prebiotic and rich fuji apple melds with slightly toasted pepitas and ground the blend the way Capricorn grounds her intentions into reality, with focus and power. Maple and spice are sprinkled in, uniquely elevating this blend of oolongs—a surprise flavor profile that brings comforts of the past, while the energy of Capricorn forges into the future, aligning with Saturn’s taskmaster vibes. 

Health Benefits: Metabolism Boosting, Energizing, Digestion Helper, Focus Enhancer

Most of us have each astrological sign in one house of our charts. You can use this tea to bring in the energy of the sign and its planetary ruler by sipping it intentionally & envisioning her traits as your own. 

Zhena blended this beloved tea to her rising sign, nodding that her “Capricorn rising is her saving grace.” Capricorn has the incredible ability to “get down to business” and really accomplish the greatest feats. We dedicate this blend to the Capricorn aspect in each of us—the empowered queen who rolls her sleeves up and completes the task at hand with focus and a splendor only she who has befriended the cosmic taskmaster—Saturn—can. 

Depending on which house you find Capricorn in your chart, that will be the focus for this powerful signs fortitude. 

Enjoy this exquisite Astrology Tea, dear Capricorns, so that you may continue to build the world in the pure, honest way you see fit!

Organic Fuji Apple, Organic Ti Quan Yin Oolong, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Se Chung Oolong, Pure Vermont Maple & Natural Flavor Extracts


Capricorns are grounded, wealthy, luxury-minded and love the rewards of their hard work. Saturn-rule ensures Capricorn is disciplined in her long term planning, a total manifestor with little patience for those who waste her time. She is the boundary-queen, the maker of her moment, she can say no with clarity and grace. We look to Capricorn as a role model in manifesting her dream life, grounding it into her life experience and never shying away from a challenge. She is most likely to be very rich in experience as well as monetary abundance. 

She melds sensuality and practicality, knowing deeply the impermanence of our time together.

Key Traits: Motivated, Empowered, Focused, Responsible, Honest, Persistent, Sensitive, Practical, Disciplined 

Shadow Tendencies: Moodiness, Aversion to change, Stubborn (usually for good measure) 

Queen Capricorns: Joan of Arc, Janis Joplin, Greta Thunberg, Simone de Beauvoir, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Shonda Rhimes

Capricorn Keys

December 22-January 19th

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn 
  • Element: Earth 
  • Goddess: Persephone Guardian 
  • Angel: Archangel Azrael-Angel of transition & change 
  • BFF’s: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces 
  • Color: Black (Naturally as Saturn is her Ruler) 
  • Stones to Wear: Garnet & Blue Sapphire 
  • Flower: Pansy & African violet 
  • Aesthetic: Luxurious Natural Fibers, ditch the polyester & opt for organic cotton, mulberry silk & cashmere Harmonious 
  • Environments: Switzerland, Colorado, Nepal, Mountainous, oolong-growing Taiwan 
  • Remedies: Turmeric, Eleuthero, Ginger 
  • Essential Oils: Cedar, Cypress, Myrrh 
  • Numerology: Vibrates as a Successful 8 
  • Ruler of: The Tenth House of Career 
  • Mantra: My work harmonizes with joy.