Bai Mudan White Tea

Bai Mudan is a white tea renowned for its refined character and captivating flavors. Handcrafted with utmost precision, Bai Mudan leaves are carefully selected, delicately withered, and expertly dried to preserve their natural essence.

Bai Mudan White Tea

  • Floral
  • Honey
  • Vegetal
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Bai Mudan, also known as White Peony, undergoes a meticulous processing method that accentuates its delicate flavors and preserves its natural qualities. After hand-picking the finest leaves and buds, they are withered to reduce moisture content and enhance their pliability. The leaves are then carefully dried, allowing the tea to retain its characteristic appearance and subtle flavors.

Renowned for their expertise in producing white teas, the tea gardens of Fujian provide the ideal terroir for cultivating Bai Mudan. The region's misty mountains, fertile soil, and favorable climate contribute to the tea's exceptional quality, allowing it to flourish and develop its unique flavors.

Bring water to a boil and let it cool for a minute or two until it reaches 175°F and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes.