Weight No More- Luxury Slimming Teas of the Far East: Bohemian Breakfast, Sin Eraser, Renewal & Ti Quan Yin



A daily weight balancing tea ceremony (or three!) allows the body & mind to harmonize and relax into natural weight release. Stress is the leading cause of weight gain & disease, so why not learn the ancient art & craft of tea as medicine for what ails the modern woman? 

Instead of harsh diets and calorie restriction, one can relax into their body, reclaiming calm and nourishment from a holistic lifestyle rather than an extreme diet. At Magic Hour, we encourage Tea Ceremony as a simple lifestyle shift into wholeness, appreciation for one's body--which is a perfectly orchestrated miracle of life. We always recommend calming, daily mindfulness as a long-term solution to keeping a healthy weight while maintaining a state of grace. 

Naturally & deliciously cleanse & detoxify with our ancient Chinese & Taiwanese tea remedies once reserved for royalty. Grown in pristine remote organic tea gardens from heirloom tea trees, each blend aids digestion, detoxifies the liver & speeds metabolism without causing anxiety or jitters. 

Each Set Includes 4 Violet Glass Apothecary Jars filled with a 60-day ceremonial supply* of: 

  • Bohemian Breakfast- Vanilla Pomegranate Puerh 
  • Sin Eraser- Puerh Probiotic tea 
  • Renewal- Oolong-Goji Berry Rose- Peach tea 
  • Ti Quan Yin- Floral-note Oolong 

*1 tsp per day, steeped in 8 ounces of freshly boiled water, usage may vary according to your taste!

Bohemian Breakfast: Organic, Fair Trade, Artisan Blend of Puerh, Assam & Rwandan Black Teas, Organic Black Currant Fruit, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Organic compliant Bourbon Vanilla Flavor.

Sin Eraser: Organic Puerh Black Tea 

Renewal: Organic Ti Quan Yin Oolong, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Roses, Organic-Compliant Peach Extract

Ti Quan Yin: Organic Ti Quan Yin Oolong 


Each of the Slimming teas works to detoxify digestion, speed metabolism and aid the livers natural detoxification. We suggest steeping 1-tsp for 3-5 minutes & sweetening only with Monk Fruit or Stevia to keep your blood sugar balanced. We recommend sipping 3-5 cups of these teas per day. Begin with 2 cups of Sin Eraser or Bohemian Breakfast before noon & Ti Quan Yin and Renewal in the afternoon. We love Renewal on ice.


Puerh is double fermented aged tea that is teeming with probiotics. It is used as an immune and mood booster in most cultures and has been highly studied for its health benefits. Oolong has been studied for decades as a metabolism booster and beauty tonic for the enlightened women of ancient & modern Eastern cultures. 


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