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12-Month Gemstone Wellness Tea Subscription-Monthly Tea Shipment w/ Violet Glass Traveler Jar (10-15 Cups)-Magic Hour
7 reviews

12-Month Gemstone Wellness Tea Subscription

Sip the Rainbow! Embark on an adventure through wellness with our beloved adaptogem teas! Each brightly-hued blend was formulated with your well-being in mind. 

You will be charged on the day of the month that you subscribed for the duration of 12 months unless you cancel. Your monthly tea shipment will process on the same day of the month that you signed up.


You'll receive in order: 

1. Garnet Violet Wine Herbal Tea

2. Amethyst Strawberry-Passionfruit Wellness Tea

3. Aquamarine Dreams Tea for Adrenals & Sleep 

4. Diamond White Champagne & Strawberry Jasmine Tea for Beautiful Skin

5. Emerald Cherry Blossom Moringa Green Tea for Vitality & Luck

6. Pearl Tulsi Lemon Meringue Herbal Tea for Calm Serenity

7. Carnelian  Apricot Amaretto Night Cap Tea for Relaxation & Detoxification

8. Peridot Guayusa Peach Mango for Energy & Joyous Mood

9. Sapphire White Tea with Fall Fruits & Ashwagandha for Relaxation

10. Pink Tourmaline Tea with Dragonfruit & Herbs for Breast Health

11. Topaz Caramel Apple Crisp Oolong

12. Onyx Black Oolong Tea for Wellness & Metabolism



Blended to Order

From Farm to Cup

Made with Love

12-Month Gemstone Wellness Tea Subscription-Monthly Tea Shipment w/ Violet Glass Traveler Jar (10-15 Cups)-Magic Hour
12-Month Gemstone Wellness Tea Subscription Monthly Tea Shipment w/ Violet Glass Traveler Jar (10-15 Cups)

Reasons to Love


Through Fair Trade and other Socially Thoughtful projects, Magic Hour is the conduit of your contribution to the lives of mothers- in the form of fair exchanges in money, respect and social support with healthcare, maternity leave, housing and education.


We source from small organic and Biodynamic farmers in Sri Lanka, India, Africa, China and Japan. The Sri Lankan farm that grows the base of most of our blends is where I was married, our tea workers threw our wedding in their small Lakshmi Temple in the tea garden. I have a direct relationship to most of our farmers and find the greatest joy in buying their most precious small batch artisan teas.


I blend with my muses (what I call our customers) in mind, making sure that each certified organic ingredient is the purest of pure for their health and well-being. I have found the combinations of flower, tea, herb, spice, adaptogen and essential oil to be endless and thrilling.

About Our Violet Glass Apothecary Jar

About Our Iconic Violet Glass Apothecary Jars

We're passionate about preserving the potency of the organic, rare teas and botanicals we blend for you. From day one, the goal was for you to be able to buy the jar once, and refill it for infinity. We not only love the look and feel of authentic violet-hued glass from Miron—the only patented biophotonic scientific glass—but we love the science of it when it comes to its unparalleled preservation and energization of the teas stored inside.

Buy it Once, Refill it for Life!

Picture your new Magic Hour Jar as a magical shield for your fresh, hand blended tea leaves. This special glass, with its captivating violet hue, works like a guardian against the harmful UV and visible light that can steal away the essence of your tea. But here's the real magic: Miron Glass lets in just the right rays, the ones that enhance flavor, aroma, and the goodness in every leaf. So when you open your jar, you're in for an aromatherapeutic moment as you inhale the fresh and captivating scents of our pinnacle organic blends. 

Why We Chose the Patented Miron Violet Glass from the Netherlands to Package your Tea:

The science behind our Violet Glass Jar lies in its unique ability to selectively filter and protect against specific wavelengths of light. Here's how it works:

Violet Light Absorption: Our jars appear violet or dark purple due to their composition. They are designed to absorb and block a significant portion of visible light, especially in the violet and ultraviolet (UV) spectrum.

UV and Visible Light Protection: Our violet glass jar is particularly effective at blocking harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, which can cause photodegradation and the deterioration of organic compounds. Additionally, it filters out a substantial portion of visible light, which can also contribute to the degradation of sensitive substances.

Beneficial Light Transmission: While the violet glass blocks detrimental light, it allows certain light wavelengths to pass through. It is selective in permitting specific light frequencies to enter, primarily in the violet and infrared spectrum. These wavelengths are believed to have preservative properties and can help maintain the quality and freshness of the substances stored inside.

Preservation of Bioenergetics: It not only protects physical properties but also preserves the bioenergetic or vibrational information of the contents, further enhancing their quality.


How and where do you source your teas?

Our teas are cultivated, harvested, and blended from soil to cup with the Magic Hour Rule of Love. The base of our teas is grown in the tea estate where I was married :)! The exquisite buds are grown and harvested by our friends in a garden that touches the sky at the top of the mountains in the high-country of Sri Lanka. The pristine Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden’s perched above a wildlife preserve. It was the first tea garden to become certified Biodynamic and organic in the world, it’s home to our family of farmers and growers whose respect towards nature and one another has become the gold standard of tea estates all over the world. We also source from small organic family gardens in Taiwan, Rwanda, India, Yunnan, Kyoto and Kagoshima, Japan.

What does "Natural Flavors" mean?

Our formulator, Zhena, is an aromatherapist and was one of the founders of the Organic and Fair Trade movement over 25 years ago. She was crucial in getting rules for organics passed and has had a long-time passion for organics, Biodynamics and pure products. Her blending style is bold and she uses Organic-Compliant extracts of fruits, essential oils, and spices that fall under the “Natural Flavors” broad stroke ingredient description by the FDA. We only use extracts and flavors extracted with non-toxic methods and are 100% natural coming from the fruit or spice or flower that is distilled without chemicals.

Other companies may use “Natural Flavors” that are in a Propylene Glycol base—Zhena fought the label standards on this chemical 15 years ago and is dedicated to NEVER using flavorings with this or any other chemicals. Our flavors are entirely extracted naturally using alcohol or steam distillation. In the blending process, if the extract has alcohol, the alcohol dissipates. If you’ve ever used Vanilla Extract for cooking—you’ve used what Zhena uses in larger volumes.

When we writes, “Natural Flavors” it’s not because we wants to but that’s what the FDA requires. It’s not a great description and we assure you our standards are of the highest using only natural extracts and essential oils.

Are your teas vegan?

Please feel free to enjoy most of our teas without worry regarding being vegan compliant.
As of May of 2021, the only tea we have that is not vegan is Quintessence, which contains honey crystals.

How many times can you steep a tea?

You could steep our teas many times. A new flavor nuance will arise each time. If you’re planning to steep more than twice, you might want to add an additional teaspoon or two according to taste and the strength desired.

What is the best way to steep tea when I have a super busy schedule?

It's a common misconception that tea ceremony has to take up a lot of time from your schedule. I want to encourage you to take time for yourself, daily, in a simple tea ceremony. Simply naming 3 gratitudes as your water boils will uplift and shift your day!

However, the process only has to take as little as 10 minutes! For example, for most of our teas we suggest steeping 1 heaping teaspoon in water that is between 160--212 degrees (depending on the tea type--check the label!). As you steep your tea for the recommended minutes, take 3 heart-breaths, expanding the emerald green energy of your heart chakra. As you expand that blessed energy, you will activate your true intelligence which is found in the heart.

Then as you steep your loose-leaf magical tea, center into your senses. As yourself the Magic Hour sensory questions:

  • What do I hear?
  • What do I see?
  • What do I feel?
  • What do I smell?
  • What do I taste?

Then sip your tea with newfound presence.

Presence is where heaven is found. We want you to find your heaven on a daily basis!
For more steeping instructions, watch my video found here.

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7 reviews
  • DR
    Debbie R.
    Verified Buyer
    1 week ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    12-Month Gemstone Wellness Tea Subscription

    I am so enjoying this introduction tea subscription. The teas are top notch. And, they arriving very timely every month. This is a great way to try out different teas and to learn your favorites for the future. I would highly recommend Magic Hour Teas to EVERYONE!! And, I want to thank Athena, from Sage Goddess, for recommending them to us all!!

  • NJ Profile picture for Nicole J.
    Nicole J.
    Verified Buyer
    1 year ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Gemstone Membership

    I got my first month and so far I love it! I can’t wait to see what each month brings 😊

  • L Profile picture for LaVona
    Verified Buyer
    1 year ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Finally! I found the PERFECT tea!

    I finally found the world’s most perfect tea! I am almost 56 years old and have always tried to be healthy. I tried these amazing teas to further my vision quest for improved health, both physically and spiritually. I have found a perfect medium through delicious teas for my body and my mind! They are a strong reminder that Mother Earth provides so strongly for those that seek her! Thank you Zhena for sharing your amazing art of tea elixirs of life!

  • KH
    Karen H.
    Verified Buyer
    1 year ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Gemstone subscription

    I now have the Garnet, Amethyst, and Aquamarine teas and love each of them. I look forward to my tea each morning to start my day. So glad I was introduced to them by a family member.

  • DK
    Deborah K.
    Verified Buyer
    1 year ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Annual Gemstone Wellness Teas Subscription

    I subscribed to this with the traveler bottles on April 6th, anticipating that the subscription would start in April. The website does say that you can start the subscription at any time and that you will get the early teas all at once and then monthly after that. This ended being messed up (I think mainly because I ordered the January-February-March Wellness teas as a bundle to try them before I ordered the subscription) but when I called, Thomas got it straighten out for me. He was really lovely to deal with. The teas have all been wonderful and I'm very, very pleased it all of it. I have recommended this to a number of people and told them they couldn't do better than Magic Hour.

    MH Profile picture for Magic Hour
    Magic Hour
    1 year ago

    Thank you! It was lovely to chat with you Deborah!

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