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This month, Club Magic Hour brings you the Gypsy Rose Meditation Box with our beloved yoga teacher, inspirational musical artist, & wellness superstar Justin Michael Williams! His teachings show us how to embrace our lovely (and often crazy) minds, use a mantra to release us from anxiety & stress and re-connect us to the heart of why we exist: To serve.

Meditation: Are We Doing it Wrong?

So many of us don’t meditate or give up on it because we think we are “doing it wrong.” You’ll learn in this wisdom teaching that all the ways we thought we “should” meditate are counterproductive and that by simply being ourselves--ALL OF OURSELVES--is the very means to a successful practice. Justin teaches us that the thinking mind, the moving body and the aliveness we crave are all key components to meditating “right.” You will learn that you don’t need to feel guilty for your thinking mind or your restless body, but to embrace them and allow them to be a key component in your practice by making space for them to do what they will and simply observing them do their thing.

Throughout the video, you’ll find Justin’s humor and uber-practical teaching will give you permission to not only do it “wrong” but to realize that our ideas of how we meditate wrong lead to us learning how to meditate right!


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