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Behold...The Goddess of Earl Grey


Move over Duke of Earl, there's a New Goddess in Town!

Behold the Mighty Bergamot, a small citrus fruit whose powers are plentiful, as a natural mood lifter, this fruit tends to part the clouds of our mind and enhance clarity & a sense of inner peace and optimism. We only use the finest essential oil of bergamot from Italy to ensure you experience the fully realized aromatherapeutic benefits of these Pinnacle Earl Grey blends.


Lavender London Fog

Pristine & elegant, goddess-like in essence & uplifting in effect, this beautifully composed Lavender kissed Earl Grey parts the clouds & hearkens the sun to shine on your day. Create a ritual with the aromathera-peutic benefits of pure bergamot-a natural citrus essence for inspiring a mindfully joyful mood and lavender blooms which soothe the soul into a calm clarity. Sip this Goddess of Earl when relaxation and calm focus are desired.

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Madagascar Vanilla Creme

Sip the feminine essence of high grown, floral, golden tipped teas from pristine organic tea gardens spanning the breadth of Asia. Travel through the morning mist of the mystical tea estates as birdsong serenades your soul and the scent of nature's pure expression fills your senses with wonder. Bergamot and Vanilla Orchids meld into a perfect harmony allowing your mind and soul to awaken to a subtle elegance that heightens your day.

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The Series of a Lifetime...
these blends will be introduced throughout 2024


Goddess of Earl Creme White

Soothing silver needle white tea buds meld with Madagascar vanilla, moon jasmine flower & cold-pressed Sicilian Bergamot for a beautifying cup of radiance-inducing delight.

Goddess of Earl Dragon Oolong

Rare oolongs from Taiwan masterfully blend with beautifying blooms, uplifting orange zest & the warming kiss of ginger. Sip to energize your metabolism & beautify your skin & mood.

Goddess of Earl Green

Spring harvest green tea buds laced with night blooming jasmine blooms, rare osmanthus & elegant chrysanthemum gently scented with yuzu & beramot essential oils. A good luck charm of floral scented bliss in a cup.

Behold, the Beauty of Bergamot

A powerful aromatherapeutic fruit grown in southern Italy & tasting of pure sunshine. Increases clarity & a sense of inner peace and optimism. We only use the finest essential oil of bergamot from Italy to ensure you experience the fully realized aromatherapeutic benefits of these Pinnacle Earl Grey blends


Antidepressant Effects:

Some studies suggest that the aroma of bergamot may have antidepressant effects. The scent is thought to stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, which plays a role in mood regulation.

Improved Sleep:

Aromatherapy with bergamot oil may contribute to better sleep quality. The calming effects of the scent may help relax the mind and body, making it easier for some individuals to fall asleep.

Pain Relief:

Bergamot oil is sometimes used for its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. When applied topically or inhaled, it may help alleviate certain types of pain and discomfort.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties:

Bergamot oil has demonstrated antibacterial and antifungal properties in laboratory studies. While these properties are more relevant to topical applications, the pleasant aroma may enhance the overall experience of using bergamot oil for wellness.


The History of Earl Grey

The origin of Earl Grey tea is often associated with Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834. The story goes that the tea was a gift to Earl Grey from a Chinese Mandarin after one of Earl Grey's men rescued the Mandarin's son from drowning. The grateful father presented the tea as a gesture of thanks.

However, historical evidence supporting this story is scarce, and the true origin of Earl Grey tea remains somewhat unclear. Some believe that the tea blend was created to mask the flavor of poor-quality water at Howick Hall, Earl Grey's family home. Others suggest that it was a London tea merchant who created the blend in honor of the Earl.

The defining characteristic of Earl Grey tea is its unique flavor, derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a type of citrus fruit. The bergamot orange is primarily grown in southern Italy. The addition of bergamot oil imparts a distinct citrusy and fragrant flavor to the tea.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its origin, Earl Grey tea gained popularity and has become a classic and widely enjoyed tea variety. Today, various versions of Earl Grey tea are available but very few are scented with real Bergamot essential oil. I have always adored Bergamot, first as an aromatherapist then a tea blender, I discovered the power of Bergamot to aid not only my mood but also have found that when blended carefully with flowers & organic Camellia Sinensis (tea), the healing qualities are substantial and truly life-enhancing.


Goddess of Earl Full Moon Meditation

Begin by steeping and inhaling the scent of bergamot essential oil through your choice of Goddess of Earl Grey teas.
Find a quiet space and sit comfortably.
Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let the calming aroma of bergamot help you relax.
Set intentions for the full moon cycle, visualizing your goals and desires.

Moonlit Journaling

Create a sacred space with dim lighting.
Diffuse bergamot essential oil or inhale a hot cup of Goddess of Earl Tea then open your journal
Write down your thoughts, emotions, and intentions under the moonlight.
Relax knowing that bergamot's aroma will inspire your creativity and clarity thus allowing you to uncover subconscious wishes and desires that may surprise you!

Moonstone & Bergamot

Place a moonstone or another crystal associated with the moon on your altar.
Anoint the crystal with bergamot essential oil.
Sit in meditation, holding the crystal, and focus on lunar energy and your intentions.

Moonrise Yoga

Practice yoga under the moonlight.
Diffuse bergamot essential oil in your yoga space & steep a cup of Goddess of Earl. Sip and inhale the beautiful aroma of Bergamot.Incorporate moon salutations or lunar-themed poses into your practice. Allow the energy of the full moon to fill your heart with intuitive inspiration.

Moonbath Ritual

Add a few drops of bergamot essential oil to your bath during the full moon or steep a strong cup of one of the Goddess of Earl teas and pour into your bath water—the tea will soothe your skin and the bergamot will balance and uplift you.

As you soak, visualize releasing any negative energy or tension.
Envision the moon's energy cleansing and revitalizing your body and mind.

Moon Walk with Bergamot

Take a moonlit stroll outdoors during the full moon.
Carry a small vial of diluted bergamot oil and bring a cup of your favorite Goddess of Earl Tea in a travel cup or thermos.
Apply the oil to your pulse points and breathe in the aroma while connecting with nature under the light of the moon.
Take a few moments to simply be present in the moonlight, inhaling the scent of Bergamot which emulates the sun, you will find balance and insight through this simple connection ritual with nature and the nightsky.

Moonlit Infused Bergamot Tea

Think of something you’d like to harvest in your life—or cull from your daily life like a habit you’d like to release.
Add one teaspoon of your choice of Goddess of Earl into a mason jar per 12oz of fresh water—use our tea sachets for easier steeping. As you add the tea to the water, speak about the change you are inviting into your life. Write it down on a piece of paper and place the paper under the jar as it steeps outside or in a window sill where the moon will shine. Allow the tea to steep in the moonlight overnight.Strain the tea the next day and refrigerate. The Goddess of Earl Moon tea will keep for 3 days, sip as the full moon wanes and reflect on what you are releasing as the moon wanes by reviewing what you wrote.
At the end of the 3 days you can add the paper into your fireplace or safely burn it & allow the ashes to cool. You can use the ashes at the roots of your favorite tree or plant. Allow yourself the relief of release!