Bliss: Sacred Tulsi Adaptogen Tea


A sip of the sacred. Sleep more deeply, live more calmly, and create bodily Bliss. Holy Basil, known also as Tulsi, is a sacred herb which adapts to your body's needs in order to relax & calm your nervous system, detoxify your cells, and heighten your consciousness.

Our friends who import this not only revere it for its health benefits but tell us that each night they sip this tea with their children as a sacred time for healing and connecting. A treasured ritual, sipping Tulsi reduces cortisol--the stress hormone that ages us and depletes our immune systems. A bevy of health benefits, we drink Tulsi as a company and in each of our homes to bring us back to hearing and following the wisdom of our hearts. 

Many homes in India have a Tulsi altar outside their door, showing reverence and gratitude for the herb that brings calm, healing, and bliss to their bodies and lives. 

Our Bliss Sacred Tulsi is a sweet and uplifting blend of 3 types of Tulsi: Rama, Vishnu, and Krishna...named after the Hindu holy trinity of creation. 

Join us in sipping the sacred everyday, with the intention of connecting to your heart and through your heart, the divine. 

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