Sin Eraser™ Puerh Tea of the Rising Sun



Organic, masterfully aged, vintage Puerh tea is the "sin eraser" aiding the digestion and liver like a guardian angel of health & longevity. Puerh is a black tea with infinite health benefits with a dark chocolate flavor profile. Sip after a fatty meal or a little too much wine and feel yourself redeemed.

 Organic Fair Trade Puerh Black Tea


 Puerh is double fermented black tea. The careful, artisan process produces a natural probiotic that detoxes the intestinal tract while energizing and balancing mood. Next to Ti Quan Yin Oolong, Puerh is the most valued tea for weight loss. With your intestinal microbiome responsible for producing up to 85% of your serotonin levels, sipping Puerh has long been treasured as a natural mood booster.

The Power of Puerh Tea

 Puerh is lusciously unique, double fermented black tea. (We like to think of it as black tea and beyond). Although the Chinese have known Puerh’s amazing benefits for centuries, it became a prized discovery among Western tea lovers fairly recently. Only the leaves coming from the province of Yunnan and put under a strictly controlled fermentation process are to be called pu-erh; after spending 5 long years in warm and moist cellars, the tea develops its unique, wine-like taste.

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Weight No More: Luxury Slimming Teas of the Far East

A daily weight balancing tea ceremony (or three!) allows the body & mind to harmonize and relax into natural weight release. Stress is the leading cause of weight gain & disease, so why not learn the ancient art & craft of tea as medicine for what ails the modern woman?

Weight No More


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