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The Health Secret of Chinese Tea Masters

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Throughout my travels in China sourcing rare teas & studying tea ceremony, I have always been awed by the beauty of each tea masters’ luminous skin, slender physiques, seemingly agelessness, and constant jovial attitudes. Chinese tea culture is based on the ancient ritual of tea ceremony, and hand grown, carefully crafted tea leaves which yield a form of striking spirituality and presence.

One year, when I was still growing Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, I traveled to ShenZhen to work with our tea tin factory owner who was a robust and lively Taiwanese politician, as is tradition, he took me out to a sumptuous meal of Peking duck which I’m sure was slathered in pork fat (as is most cuisine in the region). Being Vegan at the time didn’t make it easy to dine in China, and I ended up eating more rice than any human should probably eat. Each meal was rich and the tin factory owner would wash down his pork dumplings with plenty of Johnny Walker whiskey. He was pretty much the opposite of the tea masters whom I was practicing with at the time.

But, he too had luminous skin, a svelte physique and boundless energy, his spirit seemingly filled with joy and a boisterous generosity that made each meeting end in peals of laughter and more and more creativity.

After each long day in the factory, after I spent hours auditing the working conditions to ensure they were up to fair trade standards, and making sure the quality of our printed, embossed tins were up to standard, the tin factory owner, Irving, and his staff and I would go sing Karaoke, dance, laugh, eat rich food and stay out late. Yet each morning at 7am they’d be waiting for me formally in the lobby of the hotel and take me to yet another tea master who I’d spend the first few hours of the day studying with.

How did they burn the candle at both ends, keep their energy, health and vitality so beautifully?

The secret is Puerh tea.

Puerh is a type of tea that is oxidized in caves, grows a friendly probiotic and tastes chocolaty and rich.

After each meal, after countless whiskeys, and after singing Karaoke at the tops of our lungs, we’d be served a pot of Puerh Tea. As we’d sip the tea, the clarity and energy of the tea itself would infuse us with vitality.

Puerh cuts fat from the liver.
Puerh detoxes the intestines.
Puerh cleanses the arteries.

From Thanksgiving through the beginning of the New Year, many of us enter into the traditional ingesting of rich, fatty and sugar-laden meals. I’m definitely not one to turn down a piece of delectable German chocolate cake :). Life is meant to be savored and enjoyed through food as part of our joyful human connection!!

Puerh tea, a crown jewel among natural remedies, is post-fermented, meaning that the leaves go through a microbial fermentation process after they have been dried and rolled. Not only does it purify toxins from your body and eliminate free radicals, but also reduces stress, promotes healthy bones and supplies you with energy without the risk of later crashes, as opposed to coffee.

Traditionally, it is used for weight-loss and is high in probiotics. I call this the "sin eraser" tea since it is used to alleviate the heavy feelings of fatty foods and indulgence. This is a perfect tea for Keto diet, too, as it helps the liver process high-fat content of any meal and can be used for intermittent fasting as a rich flavored potion with no calories.

Bohemian Breakfast TeaOur Bohemian Breakfast Tea, with its satisfying Bourbon Vanilla, Pomegranate and Black Currant flavors can help your body more easily digest those extravagant holiday meals.

Another Magic Hour blend you can drink to balance out a heavy meal is Rise & Shine Tea.

It is an adaptogenic wellness tea for boosting immunity, detoxifying & energizing your body, uplifting your soul, balancing weight, bolstering digestion, and creating a joyful mindset. We’re calling this luscious brew hot chocolate for adults!

Rise & Shine TeaBoth of these teas can help you overcome sweet and carbohydrate cravings as well as energize your system–getting rid of that sluggish, overly full feeling after eating a large meal.

Remember to drink a cup or two of Puerh tea throughout this season of culinary delights!

When purchasing any tea, remember that full-leaf, loose tea is better for you, the environment, and your palate. One study I just read about in The Washington Post showed that plastic tea bags release billions of plastic particles into your brew!

As always, Magic Hour Teas arrive to you in pouches and jars of premium, never processed, loose tea leaves which impart only the most impeccable tea experience, and wellness benefits to help protect your health and the environment.

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