The Benefits Of Nootropics In Tea

The Benefits Of Nootropics In Tea

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Tarot has the power to guide and help individuals, helping to bring a new outlook and perspective on things. In tarot, the High Priestess is the true embodiment of the duality of the human psyche, representing the balance between both the conscious and subconscious mind. This is the harmony we’ve strived to achieve with our latest tea blend, The High Priestess, the perfect fusion of nootropic herbs to help boost cognitive function that will help balance light and dark.

Learn all about our latest collection and the meaning behind it.

The Alchemy of Nootropics 

Nootropics are sometimes called ‘cognitive enhancers,’ due to their ability to help improve cognitive function, such as memory, creativity and motivation. Many people find tea to be both healing and stimulating, and through our High Priestess blend, we’ve selected the best medicinal herbs known for their particularly potent nootropic properties. Each ingredient we’ve chosen is designed to support mental clarity and focus, a smart tea that will bring all kinds of benefits.

Nature’s Healing Ingredients

We’re blessed that nature brings us so many incredible ingredients, providing a treasure trove of medicinal herbs that have been used for centuries to promote healing and improved wellbeing. Some of the best-known ingredients to help boost cognitive functions include:

Ginkgo Biloba

Known as ‘the memory tree,’ ginkgo biloba is said to enhance memory and other cognitive functions by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Gotu Kola

An ingredient that has been featured in many alternative medicines, gotu kola can help improve concentration and mental clarity.

Holy Basil

Also known as tulsi, holy basil is known for its stress-relieving properties that helps to aid cognitive function.

Bacopa (Brahmi)

Bacopa is revered for its ability to enhance cognitive function and expand consciousness. Scientific studies support its role in improving memory, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall brain health.


Unleash your inner high priestess

As you enjoy a cup of our High Priestess tea, allow yourself to embrace everything this key tarot card embodies. The High Priestess navigates both light and shadow with grace, and you should allow this blend to awaken your inner wisdom, while enhancing your cognitive strengths. Whether you’re looking for clarity during moments of uncertainty or a little mental boost during a tough day, the High Priestess is here to guide you.

Your path to enlightenment

We believe that every cup of our tea has the power to transform both body and soul. With the latest High Priestess blend, we invite you to enjoy the mystical powers of herbs from nature, and embrace a journey of both self-discovery and cognitive enhancement. let the High Priestess guide you on your transformative path.

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