Tea & Intimacy: A Ritual for Love


The below picture is of my husband and I at our tea field wedding in Idulgashinna, Sri Lanka. Our Magic Hour teas are grown in this lovely Biodynamic, organic tea estate. When we say our teas are made with love, we do mean LOVE. Love from the tea workers all the way through to you cup. Our teas also can help you increase your love IQ when it comes to your relationship as well! 

Our August box hails from the ancient tradition of East Indian Tantra. Tantra isn’t just about sex, it’s also about living your life in your full sensory potential. When you can feel fully your senses, your intuition is heightened as well as your ability to give and receive pleasure from more than sex alone but in everyday things like eating and listening to music.

Tea is a highly sensual potion. The visual beauty of loose tea leaves, flowers and botanicals assured you are witnessing nature’s divine gifts to you. As you inhale the aromatherapeutic benefits of our essential oil laced tea blends, you are uplifted. You may choose to use an exquisite tea cup that feels beautiful in your hands to awaken your sense of touch. And as you hear the water boil, you may listen deeply to the sounds in your home or office and sense an underlying song.

Tea awakens our senses, improves our well-being, and brings us closer to ourselves and our lovers. My husband and I have had a “Magic Hour” tea time every morning at dawn for almost every day of our fifteen years together. When we don’t share the time, we notice it as the ritual brings us into alignment, opens us to sharing more, and creates a sense of communication intimacy that I have found is stronger than any marital challenge we’ve had. Tea time has made us resilient and much more intimate emotionally and spiritually.

We’d love to hear your Magic Hour Tea Rituals, as we create more products for you, and more beautiful boxes for you to enjoy and share, we’d love to hear what makes your own life pure magic!

xo, Zhena