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Steep Thoughts: The Sobering Thought of Following Your Intuition

Posted by Kris Oster on

Your intuition is not necessarily the fun Party Girl. It’s not necessarily the hot Rebel. And, it’s definitely not the ever-expanding Business Woman.

It’s the true archetype of surrender, like The Fool in the tarot.

Because that person–you at your best and me at my best–is in full trust knowing that abundance doesn’t come from acting, but comes from intuiting.

Intuitive people aren't always on the go, they aren’t always packing their schedules. They’re not always getting the big client.

The true intuitive is balancing chill with receptivity, not necessarily generating all of the action. But, receiving the signals and then acting from there.

There are very few of us who have mastered that.

But, this age of Covid 19 and Quarantine 2020, the Great Awakening, the Effect of 5g … whatever you’re bringing to the table with your story around this: we can all agree on one thing. And, that’s nothing will ever be the same. 


Talk about a rising from the dead, talk about an awakening of the soul, talk about the bringing of the family structure again, for love and respect and learning. 

School is with your family. Though when the family is too busy to be mentors, then all that goes away and our system was doing that. None of us were really bonding during the day. We may or may not have dinner together, but families are now very, very close.

So what if this Covid renaissance is about the new, deepest parts of us as a family unit which then creates a microcosm of the macrocosm. Those of us who have been so active and wanting to take over the world with our next big idea or next big business, like me, now actually have to settle our asses down because not all progress is expansion. 

And not all expansion is progress. 

So here we are really, really taking inventory for the first time of the intangibles. We’ve not had much of a chance to do this in this century. Well, maybe since the 60’s! 

Anyhow, I wish you all well.

That’s Steep Thoughts. 

Steeping off,

Zhena Muzyka, Mistress of Ceremonies, Club Magic Hour

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