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Parties With A Purpose

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After Zhena’s Gypsy Teas was closed by investors, Zhena Muzyka started Magic Hour Tea & Transformation Club to fill a void in her heart and her community’s tea cup.

Like the very first Gypsy Tea Party she threw to launch her last tea company, Zhena loves bringing people together to celebrate with teas and togetherness. Club Magic Hour is a salon of “Magicians,” each is a wisdom teacher in one of the following arenas: ecological restoration, spirituality, wellness, and personal development. Each month, members receive a tea ceremony box with an exclusive video teaching and then join Zhena for a virtual tea party.

The launch dinner scheduled for May 18th’s full moon is the first in a series she will host for Club Magic Hour Members. These are “Parties with a Purpose” bringing together activists and community folks who are helping local and global communities through their vocation or through their volunteer work.


Guests include: 

The founders of Ojai Alisal Wine, Bruce and Dan, who are also Japanese Tea Masters. 

Justin Michael Williams who teaches inner city, often marginalized, populations the power of meditation and he will also be performing an original song at the dinner.

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks will be sharing their favorite communication game with the group. The Hendricks have spent the last 35 years teaching people how to find more harmony and joy in their relationships and are the Chief Connection Officers of Magic Hour. 


Zhena will be performing tea ceremony for the guests and sharing her teas through both ceremony and also cocktail tea infusions and a tea-infused menu she developed with chef Noah DelToro.

Styling of the dinner is 100% upcycled and Zhena has sworn off buying anything “new” in order to prove that the best entertaining style is ecological.  She has sourced 100% of the dishes, décor and teapots from our local vintage and thrift stores in Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara.


The vegan menu includes…


Vegan Ceviche with Jackfruit, Fennel, Hearts of Palm, Blood Orange/Pixie, Raspberry Ear Grey Cactus Fruit Chile Sauce with wanton chips

Crusty Grain Free Bread with Raspberry Earl Grey Tea Balsamic dipping sauce

Main Course

Harissa Carrots with Fennel, Black Beluga Lentils & Coconut Chai Tea lime rice

Local Arugula Salad with Raspberry Earl Grey Vinaigrette, fresh raspberries


Chia seed Gypsy Rose Tea pudding with topping bar of Nasturtiums, Roses, Wild Local Herbs, and Bohemian Breakfast Tea Syrup

Chocolate Truffles with Gypsy Rose Tea Sprinkles

Custom Cocktails

Coconut Chai Crème-tini & Raspberry Earl-Tini


Zhena plans to have guest chefs collaborate on each salon while featuring wisdom teachers and artists. Magic Hour’s mission is to create more conscious connection through intentional ceremonies, these quarterly dinners will celebrate the power community & beyond!

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