5 Surprising Health Benefits of Black Tea

Beloved Stargazers,

Let's start a new #healthyhabit - every Thursday we'll discuss the amazing benefits of tea! We all know how great a steaming, flavorful cup feels, but how exactly does it nourish our minds and bodies? You're about to find out

Inspired by our heavenly blend of Bohemian Breakfast, we felt like black tea was not getting enough praise, even though it is, in fact, quite miraculous! Here are five great benefits of that long-time classic:


  1. Black tea promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure and decreasing the "bad" cholesterol (LDL). Instead of pushing your cardiovascular system with coffee, aid it with at least three cuppas a day! According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that amount of black tea significantly lowers the risk of a stroke. What a real-life health potion!
  1. It decreases the chances of dementia, too! The National University of Singapore claims black tea reduces that risk by 50% (F I F T Y!), while also helping to prevent Alzheimer's disease among genetically inclined patients.
  1. Not only does black tea lower blood pressure, it lowers blood sugar as well - and therefore aids in protecting you from type 2 diabetes! Thanks to various insulin-supporting substances (like theaflavins and tannins) it helps us process sugar. But then again, who even needs sweets when there's Almond Matcha?!
  1. It's not a coincidence people around the world enjoy black tea with meals - it promotes healthy gut flora and helps with indigestion. Remember to have it handy when you hurry home after trying that new restaurant! 
  1. Let's not forget to nourish the mind with a healthy boost of energy & increased focus! As opposed to coffee, black tea contains L-theanine, an amino-acid responsible for the balanced delivery of caffeine; for you, it means smooth sailing instead of spikes and crashes!

Now that you know how good it is for you, go ahead and comfort yourself with a delicious cup of, let's say, the Bourbon Vanilla Bohemian Breakfast!