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Introducing our Power Box + Salutation, Tea of the Solar Plexus

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Salutations, sweet ones, and happy May! The warmth of the sun is shining, as we swim within the realm between Spring and Summer. This month, our chakra exploration carries us deep into our solar plexus, the space nestled around our abdomen and below our breastbone. This chakra, also referred to in Sanskrit as “Manipura”, correlates with the upper digestive tract, the liver, pancreas, spleen and stomach. Let’s explore its essence and aura, as well as all the goodies you’ll find in this month’s subscription box.    

The Radiant Sun of the Solar Plexus  

The solar plexus chakra is the sun of your internal solar system. As your body’s power center, it is the source of energy, self-esteem, responsibility and willpower - where your enthusiasm arises! When this chakra, or energy center, is in balance, you are empowered and calm, feeling firmly rooted in your identity and exuding confidence. From a healthy and balanced solar plexus chakra you will be able to manifest those visions you so wish to experience on earth. Its aura is a golden yellow color, emanating radiance and warmth, like the sun itself.

When the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you hand your power over to others—even if they don’t ask for it and can feel low energy or anxiety. You may also experience a victim mentality if you are out of balance here, as well as low follow through and poor digestion. If you find yourself in a mode of “people pleasing”, or constantly seeking the approval of others, this center may need rebalancing. Further, if you have excessive energy here—also considered an imbalance—you will experience stubbornness and power struggles in your life.

The Flavors of Salutation

Our unique tea blend for the month is Salutation, a welcome greeting for the warmth of the sun’s brightness and radiance and alchemized to increase the energy of the sun in your power center. Think of it as sunshine in a cup! Its ingredients are: Organic Ginger, Organic Dried Pineapple, Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Turmeric Root and Natural Pineapple Flavor Extract. 

This delicious pineapple-turmeric green tea is anti-inflammatory and mood brightening, offering nourishment and enzymatic support. It is perfect for the warming weather, and can also be enjoyed iced for a refreshing afternoon treat! 

As you enjoy each sip of Salutation, we invite you to muse on this sacred mantra, evoking your ultimate power: I take swift action toward my dreams

Rachel Lang, Astrologer Extraordinaire

We are overjoyed to introduce our May Magician, Rachel Lang, who is an astrologer, healer, and psychic medium, helping others lead a more magical and mystical life! She also writes articles and horoscopes for the Live Box Magazine, leads sacred meditation groups, teaches workshops, and speaks internationally on a variety of spiritual and astrological topics. 

Since childhood, Rachel has had awareness of spiritual gifts and has been committed to expanding her spiritual and astrological knowledge. She began seriously studying astrology and developing her gifts in her late teens. She attended classes at a local metaphysical school and joined a spiritualist community, later studying astrology under the mentorship of some world-renowned astrologers, dedicating herself to the craft.

She has received certification from the American Federation of Astrologers and is a member of ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is also the Vice President for her local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Los Angeles chapter and the Outreach Director for the international NCGR Board of Directors

She has also been certified as an Advanced Psychic Medium from world renowned teacher and Psychic Medium Lisa Williams through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development in LA, California (LWISSD). 

You can learn more about her offerings here.

Our May box includes an incredible teaching video with Rachel that you won’t want to miss, and our special gift in this month’s box is an anointing oil, that you can enjoy during this teaching, or your daily Salutation tea rituals.

We have no doubt that Salutation will bring you warmth and joy with each cup. May you remember that you are the light that you seek, and have the courage and conviction to shine brightly, in all that you do.

With love, from us to you.

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