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How to Make Iced Oolong Tea

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Oolong teas come in many different varieties. Some are roasted with grainy or nutty notes, while others are known for their fruity flavors. It can be hard to choose the perfect oolong for making iced tea because of this variety. However, the majority of oolong teas taste best when consumed chilled, start experimenting.

This chilled oolong tea preparation method is a rejuvenating, semi-sweet beverage that is extremely simple to make. Oolong tea might be a better choice than black tea for chilled tea, even though black tea is typically preferred. This is especially true if you're looking for a healthy alternative to sweet teas.

For this recipe, two types of oolong teas are highly recommended. Oolong tea which is known as Oriental Beauty originates in Taiwan. It is produced from tender tea leaves so that oxidation begins as soon as they are picked, and it is greatly oxidized (typically around 70%). As a result, a variety of tea companies offer naturally sweet but bit sour tea.

Since Taiwan is regarded as the oolong tea capital by tea drinkers, it should come evident that the next suggestion, Wen Shan Bao Zhong is also from Taiwan. The mountain range is the source of this tea. Sweet, smooth, and floral, this less oxidized oolong is described as such. It is even referred to as a creamy taste by some drinkers.

At the point when drinks are iced, they will generally lose a portion of their pleasantness. Because the oolong used in this recipe is already naturally sweet, all you need to do to make the perfect sweet tea is add a little honey.

The most preferred type of tea for taste is oolong! A delectable rejuvenating drink of iced oolong tea can be made quickly using this recipe for an ideal morning or afternoon refreshment!

Ingredients for Oolong Iced tea

Ingredients for preparing a refreshing premium oolong tea include 1 cup of ice, honey 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of as per taste, 1 heaped teaspoon of oolong leaves, and 1 cup of water, heated to just below boiling.

 Recipe Iced Oolong Tea

  • Get the ingredients mentioned above.
  • Pour hot water onto tea leaves till they submerge.
  • Soak leaves of oolong tea in hot water for four to six minutes before removing them.
  • Place the strained tea leaves and oolong tea in a bowl, and stir with honey.
  • Serve the tea after pouring it over ice.

Tips to Remember

In terms of temperature, oolong is right in the middle of black and green teas. The water must be 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to boiling.

Oolong must be steeped longer than black tea. While 2 to 3 eight minutes are typically recommended for hot tea, this recipe suggests 5 minutes. Your personal preference and quality of tea leaves will both have an impact on the brewing times; make any changes as you see fit!

You are recommended to try out high-quality premium oolong tea brews to have a smooth, refreshing, and relaxing experience from the best flavor selections.


Our Favorite Oolong Teas to Sip on Ice

Pisces Blueberries & Cream Oolong

Delicate & graceful, this blend is a surprise on the palate, as much a potion of aromatherapy as a revelry of intoxicating Magnolias and hand rolled Jasmine scented Pearls. 

Make a Pisces Dream Latté with Founder of Magic Hour, Zhena!


Sagittarius Pomegranate Vanilla Oolong

Pomegranate-ginger merges into a fruit-cake tea (the good kind!). This potion is then scented with sublime vanilla beans, caramel cream, sunny orange essential oil, sun-dried oranges, warming ginger, sexy cinnamon, and finally kissed by Rhodiola Rosea, nature’s pinnacle mood booster. Calming, Warming, Expansive, Fun--this tea is SO SAG!


Peridot Mango Peach Oolong

A lush, deeply nourishing, clarifying blend teeming with ripe peach, mango & the floral notes of the world’s finest oolong. This blend helps our bodies hydrate and cleanse...


Aries Blackberry Rose Oolong

This blend is a promise of youthful vivacity, an energizing bliss-inducing steep. I find myself craving it's energy and perfumes when looking for respite and relief from the weight of the world.  


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