Magic Hour Pouch Subscription Box


Join the Magic Hour Monthly Tea Circle & Receive the surprise tea for each month, along with ritual gifts, teaching videos with that month's theme (February is Intuition with Epiphany Tea, March is Voice with Quintessence Tea, and April is Happy Heart Tea). 

Each Monthly Box is filled with Zhena's organic health and wellness teas from the world's finest Biodynamic estates, paired with a monthly exclusive video training created just for you by the world's most celebrated personal development teachers.

Teachers for 2021 include:

Michaela Boehm

Rachel Lang

Jes MaHarry

Teas for  include:
Happy Heart: Tea for Embodiment
Salutation: Solar Plexus Chakra Tea for Success
Joyous:  Tea for Creativity

All are formulated for a specific Chakra. This groundbreaking collection inspires and creates a connection to your energy centers, increasing your ability to connect to your highest self, the cosmos, and to your authentic voice. 

There are several options for the monthly box: 
$25 is the light option with 8-10 servings of the tea + gift + videos
$44 is the full sized pouch (50+ servings of the tea) with gifts + videos
$66 is the Violet Apothecary Jar (50+ servings of tea) with gifts + videos

Join us & learn about your Chakra system, grow and be in awe of your energy potential. Our mission is to connect the world through tea ceremony, with this subscription you will learn how to make tea a part of your everyday sacred self-care practice. 



          Each Month varies: 
          January 2021 Chakra Tea for Cosmic Connection: Lotus Mind- White tea with Lavender, Pear & Jasmine with Butterfly Peaflower & Gotu Kola (caffeine level very low: 20mg)

          February 2021 Chakra Tea for Intuition: Epiphany- Puerh Black Tea, Elderberries, Black Currant, Blackberry Leaves, Blue Cornflower, Blackberry & Black Currant extracts. (Caffeine level: Moderate 40mg)

          March Chakra Tea for Throat: Quintessence- Cinnamon, Green Tea, Ginger, Marshmallow Root, Honey Crystals, Bourbon Vanilla (Caffeine Level: Low 10mg)

          Each of the January-March boxes comes with a ritual to perform with tea ceremony, meditation, as well as some surprises we don't want to give away :)

          You will join us and the monthly box host/teacher for education around the month's chakra and learn how to expand and balance your chakras so your connection to your soul and your loved ones grows and manifesting becomes easier. 

          Lotus Mind:  Tea to open your mind to the Cosmos. Relaxing to the Nervous System, Increases Intuition, Connects You To Higher Consciousness, soothes Anxiety, Clears Complexion, Activates Pineal Gland 

          Epiphany: Tea for Intuition  This bright, bold, awakening blend of organic black tea, probiotic-rich Puerh, immune-boosting elderberry, antioxidant-rich blackcurrants, tonifying blackberry leaves, elegant blue cornflower and rich berry extracts is sweet on the palate while a powerful potion for intuitive clarity and self-trust. Steeped into a precious brain-protecting berry liquor, the rich purple berries enhance your 6th chakra, found in the center of your forehead--this is the space of "second sight" where you are able to see possibilities beyond the immediate. When your 6th chakra is balanced, you see beauty everywhere and therefore create more of it to behold. 

          Quintessence: Tea for the Throat Chakra  A potion of sweet, warming, voice-enhancing, throat-soothing spices, herbs and immune-boosting green tea emboldens and inspires your Throat Chakra for expressing your true essence. With anti-viral green tea and lemongrass, calming marshmallow root, rich honey crystals, and anti-inflammatory ginger this blend helps to open and balance your vocal cords while enhancing circulation and energetically will strengthen your ability to express yourself. The Throat Chakra, when in balance, allows you to speak your truth, express your creativity, speak words of love and compassion, all the while sharing your resonance with others.

          The Moringa Tree is native to India but also grows in Asia, Africa, and South America. 

          Called the Tree of Life or Miracle Tree, Moringa has been used for over 5,000 years as a healing plant. 

          It's a valuable food crop: it is drought resistant, grows very fast, is highly nutritive and cleans water.

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