Members Only: Your Tea & Transformation Videos

Welcome to Club Magic Hour! 

Our Magician For February is Collette Baron Reid!

Access THE INTUITION BOX Transformational Teaching Video by clicking HERE.

We have all of our Magicians' exclusive transformational teaching videos gathered on this page! Each link below will take you to the separate video and downloadable materials.

ABUNDANCE / Satya Scainetti

BEE WELL / Ted Dennard

BEST FRIEND / Zhena Muzyka & Friends

CONSCIOUS CONNECTION / Gay & Katie Hendricks 


HARMONIZE / Tisha Morris

JOY OF GENIUS / Gay Hendricks

LOVE & INTIMACY / Michaela Boehm

MEDITATION / Justin Michael Williams

MINDFUL MASCULINE / Practices inspired by and created for the 21st-century man

MIRACLE BOX / Rikka Zimmerman

ORACLE DREAM / Colette Baron-Reid

POSSIBILITY / Best of Magic Hour's Teachings

PROSPERITY / Natalie Ledwell

RAISE YOUR VIBE / Zhena Muzyka

SELF-LOVE / Anita Moorjani

SOULMATE / Arielle Ford

TEA & TAROT / Zhena Muzyka & Kris Seraphine

VIBRANT DECADE / Jennifer McLean

WARRIOR GODDESS / HeatherAsh Amara

WARRIOR HEART / HeatherAsh Amara