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The word consider, broken down to its etymological roots, means to with or together (con) the stars (sidus). What are you considering this month? The Cancer Sun asks for your quiet meditation and contemplation. It's the most fertile time of year for you, but ideas often must germinate quietly behind the scenes. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, it urges you out of the contemplative shadows and pushes you into the light. Balance the two distinct energies of the month by riding the waves or being in consideration. 

Mars ambles through Taurus until July 20, slowing your external world. You'll notice this in subtle ways – people driving too slow, taking their time to respond to emails, or holding up check-out lines. All of these minor frustrations are to help you understand the value of pausing the current busyness. Take deep breaths and stick to your mindfulness practices. 

Neptune stations retrograde on July 2, sending you into a mystical, magical, altered state of reality. Your dreams might be more vivid, especially as Jupiter moves into a quintile aspect with it on July 18. Make time for spiritual exploration or a retreat. Creativity is at a height, and your creative expressions could be tools for healing at the end of the month.

Family visits and reunions delight your days as the Sun moves through Cancer up to July 22. On July 21, the Capricorn Full Moon highlights your professional life in ways that could lead to a greater sense of fulfillment. It is a rare second Full Moon in the sign of ambition this year. Let your ego rest, and let your heart lead the way.

When the Sun is in Cancer, we yearn to be a part of a tribe. We draw to family and close friends. It's a nostalgic time. However, Mars in your sign activates all your annoyances and frustrations this month. The voice in the back of your mind says I need space. Or it exclaims, I want it my way! Should you accept it, your mission is to befriend the discomfort of polarized feelings or contradictory thoughts. Mars meets trickster Uranus on July 15 for a day of excitement that could invite the kind of chaos that precedes a significant life change. After July 20, Mars will move through Gemini, and any restlessness will subside. 


On July 5, the New Moon in Cancer opens your mind to new ideas, making it an excellent time to start a new course, write, or engage in significant conversations. Your words carry weight now, so use them to state clear intentions and form deeper connections. It's a lunation that invites neighborly chats and picnic outings. Two weeks later, the Capricorn Full Moon on July 21 helps lift your mind to see an expanded worldview. Travel plans could lead to spiritual growth. 

When your ruling planet, Venus, enters Leo on July 11, it turns your attention to home and family. You might be inspired to redecorate, host gatherings, or spend more quality time with loved ones. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, it adds more of a spotlight to that area of your life. These transits enhance your desire to make your home a sanctuary. 

Mars energizes your finances as it moves into Gemini on July 20. You could feel motivated to pursue new income streams or find clarity for financial questions. Be mindful of impulsive spending!

Insatiably curious, you crave novelty, and this month allows you to learn through experience. You're learning to deepen your intuition and trust your instincts. Mercury enters Leo on July 2, introducing a period of creativity, but brainstorming takes stillness and spaciousness in your schedule. Instead of being the party planner, allow yourself to be invited. Venus enters Leo on July 11, suggesting a fun month in your forecast. 

As the Sun moves through Cancer (until July 22), your mind relaxes and gives your intuition center stage. Neptune stations retrograde on July 2, and the subtle haze colors your world with a rosy tint. Instead of careful deliberation, you might make financial decisions based on your first reaction. Trust yourself, especially on July 15 when passionate Mars meets electrifying Uranus. This transit could spark fireworks; express yourself carefully, letting your heart lead.

The planet of impulse, Mars, is in the slow, steady sign of Taurus, helping you refrain from making a rash, impulsive decision. You're practicing patience this month. Mars moves into your sign on July 20, activating your drive for adventure. Until then, take precautions by discussing unresolved disputes and double-checking to ensure you've responded to all important messages. I'll remind you of Jupiter's place in your sign, a transit that makes us feel invincible. Keep that in mind to avoid signing up for too many responsibilities. 

The Full Moon on July 21 is the second one in Capricorn this year, a rare event that means you have an invitation to get serious about your intentions and take steps to improve the areas of life that feel neglected. Organization is a keyword around that time. Finish your chores before the Sun enters Leo and treats you to soulful relaxation.

It's your season, meaning it's time to shine your light and honor your unique talents. You're naturally adept at intuiting and nurturing the needs of others, but this month, it's all about you. As Venus moves through your sign at the start of the month (until July 11), it encourages you to enter the spotlight. No more compromising your desires for the sake of others. Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, shines a light on your self-worth and personal values. Identify any ways you might undervalue yourself, whether by taking on work projects that don't offer fair compensation or diminishing your concerns about a relationship. Focus on self-care, indulge in what makes you feel beautiful, and assert your worth in all aspects of life.

You're in your element with the Sun in your sign until July 22. This period highlights your personal growth, self-expression, and pursuit of your dreams. It's a time to celebrate yourself, set intentions for the year ahead, and pursue fulfilling activities.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21 offers clarity and resolution to your partnerships. It's a time to celebrate the strength of your connections and address any imbalances. Use this energy to restore harmony where there's conflict and insist on mutual respect. Yes, you're loyal, but that doesn't mean you must settle for bleak conditions.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and its influence fires your drive to make money or advance your career. This transit encourages you to celebrate your achievements and seek new prosperous opportunities. As you navigate this period, your natural charm and creativity will be the allies that open new pathways to abundance.

The Sun is considered the "heart" of the sky. It's central and vital to our Solar System, much like the heart is to the body, providing warmth, life, and energy to everything around it. The Sun is also your ruling planet. As the Sun enters your sign on July 22, it's time for you to embrace your vitality,  let your vibrant energy shine, and provide warmth to all who love you. Leo season is about embracing your heart's desires and following your passions. 

Mars moves through slow, steady Taurus until July 20, making it a month to take your time making life changes. Professional responsibilities add tension, but they give way to relief after the Capricorn Full Moon on July 21. Notice what impulses spark on July 15 as fiery Mars meets electrifying Uranus for their bi-annual fireworks extravaganza. Activate your pressure-release valves early in the month to avoid a build-up of frustration. 

Venus enters your sign on July 11, helping cultivate a new style or gracing your overall vibe. Enjoy the confidence boost as the planet of self-worth moves through Leo until August 4. Mercury, the communication planet, also transits through your sign from July 2 - 25. Its influence helps you refine your craft or launch a creative endeavor. Give yourself ample time to relax with the New Moon on July 5 to allow ideas to surface. You don't have to pursue genius; it rises from within your heart as a driving urge. 

Leo is a sign of leadership but also a playful one. Remember that at the end of the month. With Neptune and Saturn going retrograde, world events maintain a serious tone. Find enjoyment in your daily routines. Relaxed interactions deepen connections. Therefore, consider playing a part in your spiritual practice.

July is a month of introspection, community connection, and learning to trust your inner wisdom. As a Virgo, your sign is one of discernment, making it essential to feel like you have choices. However, every Virgo I know wrestles with perfectionism, sometimes making you question your decisions. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect choice. The act of decision-making is a test of faith in yourself. This month, don't overthink things. Commit to a pathway forward. 

This message is critical as Saturn moves through your opposite sign, and Neptune clouds your sense of what's real and what isn't. Both of these planets are retrograde this month. Clear-cut answers might not be available. Instead, trust your gut. Literally. If your stomach feels unsettled, reconsider. If everything flows smoothly, take it as a sign from the universe. This year is a lesson in relying on sensation for direction instead of empirical evidence.

The Cancer New Moon on July 5 offers a much-needed respite from the busyness of life. Enjoy time with friends and use this opportunity for a road trip or a gathering in a remote location, somewhere off the beaten path where you can build new memories. Let some fireworks fly in celebration of your heartfelt connections.

On July 21, the Capricorn Full Moon highlights romantic love. It adds spice to any long-term partnership or opens the gateway for new connections if you're single. Follow magnetic attraction and resist anything that feels like hard work. 

As the Sun moves through Cancer until July 22, it shines on your community, inviting you to feel more connected to neighbors and acquaintances. It's time to see how you fit into a professional organization. However, be mindful not to overfill your schedule—reserve time and energy for what truly matters to you.

As the Cancer Sun shines, you are on a mission to redefine your career. Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...." It's time to shake off the old masks you've worn to fit into roles and let your authentic light shine. Be bold in releasing new offerings, embarking on new projects, or pursuing new pathways.

Thanks to Jupiter's urging, you're moving through a cycle of rapid expansion and uncomfortable up-leveling. Though steady, you might feel uncertain, but keep looking forward with faith, knowing that the hurdles you jump now will lay the foundation for future success. While discussing the future, it's important to live in the present. Venus helps as it moves through nurturing Cancer until July 11.

This period encourages you to be present with your loved ones, especially if you have planned reunions. The Sun in Cancer can be challenging for you. While Cancer is the sign of family and home, the Sun's focus shifts to the top of your chart, indicating a flow of energy dedicated to your public life, career, or any other way you choose to leave your mark. This influence can spark tension between your personal desires and professional obligations.

The tension peaks on July 21 with the Capricorn Full Moon – the second in Capricorn this year! This lunation represents a swell of dynamic tension that requires an outlet for relief. Plan self-care activities that get you moving or, conversely, bring you into meditation. 

As the Sun enters Leo on July 22, it gives you a much-needed break from your routines. Surprises lie in store, and friends offer invitations. Say yes to celebrations.

Mars is in your opposite sign this month, causing a noticeable slowdown in your usual rapid pace. Delays give you time to realize how life is urging you to pause. On July 15, Mars meets rebel Uranus for what could be a fireworks festival in your mind. A family vacation planned at a peak period at work, a family visit disrupting your routine, or something as simple as a traffic jam could set your mind reeling with questions for which there are no clear answers. Should I stay or go? Is this the right decision? These pressures might be teaching you what's most valuable. The good news? You can take your time. 

One of your gifts is the power of intuition—you can sense what's coming before you recognize any clues in your everyday life. This month, pay attention to those whispers; they will not lead you astray. The Cancer Sun shines dramatically in your chart, awakening your hunger for knowledge and your quest for adventure until July 22. Notice what travel-related opportunities pique your interest, especially if they involve seasonal discounts or special packages. Don't wait for circumstances to be perfect; stay open-minded to what's possible.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22, along with Mercury (from July 2- 25) and Venus (from July 11 - August 4); a spotlight shines on your talents and offers recognition. If you've considered showcasing your work more publicly, now is the time to outline a plan and rally support, especially if your job involves a stage, gallery space, or publication. 

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 21 highlights neighborly interactions, making it a time to understand the value of local celebrations or seasonal events. Engage with your community and appreciate the connections you share.

Under the nurturing Cancer Sun, wouldn't you like a break from life's busyness? Your mind longs to contemplate philosophical questions, journal, or pause for reflection. The slower pace of Mars in Taurus provides you more time to spend with loved ones or fluff your nest. You're in a profoundly creative period that requires time away from your routine. The Cancer New Moon on July 5 washes away fear and insecurities. Let the clearing create space for planting new seeds.

At the start of the month, be dedicated to doing brilliant things. Anything you create now will take time to manifest, but your patience and focus will pay off. You'll see positive outcomes with the Capricorn Full Moon on July 21. 

On July 15, Mars meets Uranus, sparking a surge of innovative energy and unexpected changes. This alignment can bring sudden insights and a desire for freedom. Embrace this dynamic energy to explore new horizons. 

Venus shines in Cancer until July 11, then moves through Leo, making romance a theme at the end of the month. Leo, a passionate sign, introduces an element of magic in your love life. The Leo Sun adds excitement, taking you on a healing journey as it opposes Pluto on July 22. This transit enhances your charm and personal magnetism, making it an excellent time for romance and heartfelt expression. It's a fertile time. Let your heart lead the way.

You may be invited to travel after July 22. Say yes to the call. If you encounter delays, relax and stay in the moment. Saturn is retrograde, making it a month to remedy karma and close chapters. Trust that there are reasons why things happen as they do. Celebrate the new beginnings in long-term relationships.

Saturn, the stern planetary authority figure of our Solar System, rules your sign. Saturn's symbolism is extra meaningful for these times because of its 2-year dance with Neptune in Pisces. It's a time to identify which dreams to let die and which to nurture into being. This month, Saturn and Neptune are going retrograde, requiring you to sit down, work out a game plan, and let go of unreachable goals, no matter how desirous they seemed at one time. 

Love could surprise you this month if (and only if) you're open. The Sun shines in Cancer until July 22, and you could be more aware of the relationship between expectations and outcomes in love. We easily slip into predictable patterns in our closest relationships, but you can change things on July 21 when the Capricorn Full Moon stretches your heart muscles. Love yourself enough to change any defeating thoughts about love. Fortunately, Mars is moving through Taurus until July 20, motivating a desire for a stable romantic connection. 

Speaking of stretching, Mars meets Uranus on July 15, and this influence pushes the limits of our comfort zones. It pulls you to create something real and lasting– to give birth to an idea or spark inspiration for a business. 

Lucky you! Your sign gets two Full Moons this year! The Full Moon in your sign hearkens back to the one on June 21. What was motivating you then? The one on July 21 stretches your heart and mind. This lunation brings clarity and culmination to personal goals and relationships. It's a perfect time to celebrate your achievements and set new intentions. Love yourself enough to change self-defeating thoughts and open your heart to new possibilities.

Born under the sign of the rebel and revolutionary, you are a unicorn in a world of horses. Embrace this uniqueness on July 15, when Mars meets Uranus in an explosive transit. This planetary encounter reminds us that control is often an illusion and that life can change instantly. Mars and Uranus awaken your innovative spirit and urge you to break free from lingering constraints. Your intentions, like arrows, are seeking their targets, and desires from years ago could materialize unexpectedly. Expect miracles, and allow life to present you with opportunities you never imagined possible.

The Cancer Sun shines until July 22, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing your wellness. If you neglect self-care, other aspects of your life will feel the strain, especially around the Cancer New Moon on July 5. Use this time to recharge your energy. Spending time with good friends who know your history and offer unconditional support can be incredibly restorative.

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 21 draws you into the mystical realm and activates your dreams. You're experiencing a spiritual growth spurt or up-leveling. Give into the need for extra rest. If, on the other hand, you feel restless, find physical outlets for stress.

As the Sun enters Leo on July 22, it casts a spotlight on your relationships. This transit encourages you to explore secure attachments and consider new possibilities in love. Remember, not everyone's heart was designed for a traditional relationship paradigm. Allow yourself to question and redefine what love means to you.

Mars continues its journey through slow, steady Taurus, energizing your career and ambitions. You're climbing toward a new career peak, and Mars gives you the extra push needed to keep going. Embrace this steady energy and focus on long-term goals. Your perseverance will pay off.

This month, you are stepping into a mystical, magical, and marvelous dream world. Neptune stations retrograde on July 2, inviting you to dive deep into your inner ocean. As the wateriest of the water signs, never underestimate the importance of water for your spiritual well-being. Spend time near the water this month. Water is the element of our emotions, and with the Sun shining in Cancer until July 22, you'll feel the rocking of emotional waves more intensely than usual. Embrace meditation, journaling, and any activities that allow you to connect deeply with your inner self.

Mid-month, Mars meets Uranus in a powerful transit that brings out the rebel warrior in most of us. For you, however, it may inspire your inner peacemaker. With Mars in Taurus, the passion planet feels more like smoldering embers than fireworks. Remember, you don't have to take on others' hardships as your own. Sometimes, a warrior must know when to escape a no-win battle unharmed.

The Full Moon on July 21 invites you to take a stand in a relentless situation. Under the severe and definitive energy of the Capricorn Moon, you're determined to act with courage. It's a time to get to work and address challenges head-on. This lunation supports you in making firm decisions and setting boundaries where needed.

When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, the month closes with a surge of energy, motivating you to follow through on health-related goals. Signs and synchronicities will be everywhere, so pay attention. What may seem like a mere coincidence could be the universe guiding you toward your next step. Cancer season is a time of manifestation, so speak your desires into existence and take actionable steps to bring them to life.

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