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Astrology Bundle: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Astrology Bundle: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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Astrology Bundle: Aries, Taurus, Gemini - Magic Hour

Astrology Bundle: Aries, Taurus, Gemini - Magic Hour

From $34.00

Astrology Bundle: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Astrology Bundle: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

From $34.00

Astrology Bundle: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Astrology Bundle: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

From $34.00

Astrology Tea Traveler Bundle

Astrology Tea Traveler Bundle

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Your Monthly Astrology Reading

When the butterfly can no longer stand the pressure of its tight cocoon, it cracks through the fibers and learns to fly. No one says transformation is easy. Complacency's compression is almost as challenging as taking the first steps into a new chapter of life. But we are adaptable, especially for one born under your pioneering sign. This month feels like that in-between. On October 14, the Libra solar eclipse signifies the call to adventure. Dream up the invitations and opportunities that most satisfy your longing. 

The North node destiny point in your sign meets the fierce dwarf planet Eris on October 8. Your voice has more resonance with people in your life. Use your words with confidence and care. Grab your megaphone and share your message; the world needs to hear what you say. 

The two weeks between the solar eclipse on October 14 and the Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 lead you through a rite of passage. Your closest relationships could undergo testing as you experience a new chapter of your coming-of-age story. As you replay the prevalent themes of your adolescence, you could revisit some of the more complex relationships and mental roadblocks. 

You have the power to advance financial pursuits through strategic thinking. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you revisit past goals and see them with renewed clarity. After October 23, the Sun shines in Scorpio, beaming financial guidance your way. Consult with trusted financial advisors for advice on long-range plans. It is also an excellent time to pay taxes and address debt. 

On October 11, Mars enters Scorpio, and you could feel pressure to make a commitment or come to a choice point in an area of your life. It signals hope for a fresh start and the motivation to see it through. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we're in a season of transition, watching crimson fall to the ground. October promises you more than pumpkin spice lattes or apple pie; it offers hope and courage as you face the transitions in your life. Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving forward, coming out of its post-retrograde shadow on October 7. Your friends, lovers, and family members are moving forward, too. While you often feel like the one standing still, you can feel something stirring within you. Answer that call.

The Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14 shakes up your daily routine, offering you a way to write a more balanced chapter. Mercury enters Libra on October 4, and its influence could help you identify the areas of excess in your life and establish new rhythms for optimal well-being. Be mindful of your health throughout the month, especially from October 14-28. Meet stress with relaxation and frustration with physical exercise. 

Venus slides into Virgo on October 8, awakening your romantic sensibilities. Keep your heart open, but remember, you don't have to promise a commitment if you're not ready. Mars in your opposite sign after October 11 suggests an inner conflict about your individuation needs. Your feelings about love could fluctuate after the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23. Ride the waves throughout the month, but express yourself to avoid emotional stagnation. 

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28 compels you to respond to internal questions about your future and destiny. Your impulse is to stay the course, but eclipses shake things up and require flexibility. Any surprises could be gateways to remarkable opportunities. Suspend judgment, letting go of the need to know why things happen as they do. Fall into trust. 

October's eclipses stir excitement for you, Gemini. Are you ready for adventure? Prepared to brave the unknown? Let your curiosity lead you down rabbit holes like Alice in Wonderland, and you could discover portals to creativity. You will better understand this message after the Libra solar eclipse on October 14. 

Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Libra on October 4, and your inner dialogue focuses on Ideas and projects that have been simmering on the back burner. Consider engaging in new ventures or collaborations. The Sun shines in Libra until October 23, revealing the power of interdependence. You can draw others in for brainstorming, encouragement, and support.  


Venus enters Virgo on October 8, inviting you to reassess your relationships. Do friendships foster mutual respect and growth? Do you feel seen? Loved? Remember, you have reached a point when you have more choices about how and with whom you spend time. On October 19, as Mercury meets the Sun, you may have to let go of something or someone to make space for something even more fulfilling. 

Professional breakthroughs make the difference between busyness and engagement. Leaves are falling in this season of transition, reminding you of the cyclical nature of life – endings and beginnings. What aspects of your work need a gentle release? It's a time to declutter your mind and purge stagnant emotions.

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, adding to the intensity at the end of the month. The two weeks between the October 14 solar eclipse and the October 28 lunar one are sacred and profound. Embrace aspects of yourself that hang out in the shadows. Your healing requires radical self-acceptance and love.

You were born under the sign of the nest builder, the guardian of secrets, and the nurturer of dreams. Do you find yourself caring for others in the ways you wish others would care for you? This month's astrology signifies a crucial turning point in your relationships when self-awareness rises from the pit of your stomach, sending a call for change. Open your heart to receive the bountiful, overflowing love in your life. Recognize how withholding self-love keeps you locked in a pattern of unfulfillment. The Libra solar eclipse on October 14 and the Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 show a pathway to transformative healing. 

Before setting any intentions or goals, remember you're in the process of reimagining and refining your vision for your work. See yourself as an editor, trimming the excess and clarifying your brand. Be discerning with your time. Eclipses can stir dormant memories and spark change. Be kind to yourself by allowing free moments in your schedule, and decline non-essential invitations, especially in the month's latter half.

As Pluto stations direct on October 10, it relieves your sign. Its profound influence has urged you to dive into the recesses of your subconscious, reclaim power, and rise to an enlightened state of consciousness. This month highlights that journey. Things might feel surreal as you feel fate's hand at work.

On October 23, the Scorpio Sun calls you to gather with your inner circle for creative pursuits. Approach life with the innocent curiosity of a child and let life's simple pleasures be your muse.

Life may present serendipitous moments at the end of the month. Keep your heart and eyes open.

Life unfurls new possibilities this month, sparking your curiosity and casting you as the protagonist of a choose-your-own-adventure tale. No matter what you decide, you are being guided and directed. So, trust yourself! Every experience and decision is part of your path of destiny. Does this message sound intense? Dramatic? Embrace it. Let the hope and optimism of this sentiment uplift you. October's astrology promises to expand your horizons. Your mission is to cultivate unwavering faith, especially when the fear of change rises from within. 

At the start of the month, engage in a visionary exercise. Picture your life a year from now. What does that landscape look like? What activities fill your days? What people are around you? Now, ask yourself, what actions today will shape that future? Every dream you nurture now can become tomorrow's reality.

The Libra solar eclipse on October 14 shakes things up. Eclipses have a way of dredging up subconscious emotions. It's a time when people might offer you invitations or opportunities, but remember, you can graciously decline, especially if the invitation involves someone from your past or an environment where you don't feel welcome.

Eclipses often illuminate the facets of our lives that we've outgrown or that keep us from feeling free. You might realize you've outgrown a teacher or, conversely, step into a guiding role. Familial dynamics, especially with siblings, could spotlight areas of tension or unsupportive patterns. Approach these revelations with an open heart and abundant compassion. Let empathy be your compass as you redefine boundaries.

Finally, with all of this dynamic energy, surround yourself with the people who radiate positive energy. Who are your cheerleaders? Your super fans? Your trusted friends? Gather them into a circle of appreciation and let your cup overflow with the love coming your way. Let your heart's capacity grow; love fuels your creativity.

Fasten your seatbelt because October's astrology takes you on a wild ride. It's full of big revelations and action — with a jolt of surprise! Who doesn't love a good plot twist? This month, everything directs you to your destiny. Surrender, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

With Mercury going direct, you're ready to move forward fast, but your ruling planet in Libra (from October 4 - 21) suggests you could be indecisive about the path ahead. Money decisions take precedence mid-month. Align your spending and saving with your values, and don't compromise. Self-worth lies at the root of our financial habits. How do you feel about yours? The Libra solar eclipse on October 14 offers breakthrough insights to help you raise the ceiling of your upper limit. Let the catharsis carry you to the Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28. 

The two weeks between eclipses can feel intense. These astronomical events affect our physical bodies as much as the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. When doubt and fear arise, generate faith in a loving cosmos, and you'll overcome obstacles. 

After the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, you can learn a new skill, take a workshop, or market your skills in new ways. Or engage your inner teacher and offer to mentor or hold a class. The idea for such a project could generate inspiration around October 11 after Mars enters Scorpio. Have your writing journal close by to jot thoughts, dreams, or visions. With a razor-sharp mind at the end of the month, take any skill to a whole new level.

Magic finds us when we least expect it. I left my office for a few minutes today, and when I returned, a great horned owl feather lay on my doorstep. I looked at the treetops and found no explanation except… magic. It happened as I was about to start your horoscope, so I considered it a Libra sign. Whatever changes ripple through your life this month, trust they are destined, supported, and guided. Trust yourself; you have the courage to move through this month's turbulence. 

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14 compels you to explore new horizons. Trust your inner compass, guiding you toward promising avenues. As Venus concludes her post-shadow period on October 7, reflect on any recent financial overindulgences or outstanding debts. This influence could also help bridge relational disagreements and balance discordant circumstances.

Until October 23, the Libra Sun expands your electromagnetic field, allowing you to attract people and opportunities. From October 11-19, astrological transits fire up your inner activist and change agent. You will receive intuitive messages about which paths to pursue; pay attention to your gut feelings. Explore undiscovered destinations to draw new people into your life. 

In love, focus on appreciation. Gratitude can preempt disagreements, especially around October 18, when the Libra Sun opposes Eris and the North Node. We could see some fireworks this week similar to the ones we witnessed in 2020. With Mars in Scorpio (after October 11), your romantic encounters could simmer more than usual. Be willing to express your desires openly with your partner. You're learning to walk a fine line between diplomacy and people-pleasing. This inquiry reaches a critical point on October 28 when a Taurus Lunar Eclipse breakthrough binds up feelings of inadequacy and replaces them with extreme self-worth.

Mythological Mars, the god of war, is also the guardian of agriculture. Inherent in the myth of Mars is the understanding that conflict could ensue if people's basic needs aren't met. Mars was a protector. Astrological Mars relates to how we enforce our boundaries and our ability to say no. As your traditional ruling planet, Mars is your friend; this month, it moves through your sign (after October 11). Embrace Mars's ferocity, passion, and assertiveness as you move through this cathartic, dynamic time. 

October ushers us into eclipse season, a period of peak intensity that makes us ripe for change. The Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14 calls skeletons out of the closet just in time for Halloween! Don't fear the unknown; follow your intuitive leanings. You're courageous enough to ask tough questions and see what you weren't ready to see before now. 

The two weeks between the solar eclipse on October 14 and the lunar one on October 28 could inspire a shift in consciousness– maybe even a quantum leap. The universe asks you to let go of something you're gripping too tightly—free space for something new. You'll likely experience a buildup of energy that reaches a peak when the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23. Then, you can take action steps. You'll most likely feel the tension in your closest relationships and partnerships. Character traits you once tolerated in another may become more frustrating, or you could realize an imbalance that needs a cure. 

We feel an urgency to fix problems during eclipse cycles, but the intensity subsides. Remember, especially around October 18, to stay balanced and secure.

In the Northern Hemisphere, October's fallen leaves make kaleidoscope patterns on the ground. What an appropriate metaphor for your month. This month's energies satisfy your Sagittarian desire for expansion, from deep introspection to life-changing breakthroughs. You can thank the two eclipses for the range of experiences you have in store. 

October starts with the Sun and Mercury shining in Libra, activating your friendships and bringing you a deeper sense of community. Consider joining an organization or social circle to exercise your leadership skills or find collaborators for your work. As you form new alliances and shift social circles, you could start seeing new horizons for your future. Those interpersonal relationships are catalysts for change. If you have a chance to reconnect with long-lost friends, you could be pleasantly surprised. 

The Libra solar eclipse on October 14 awakens your inner rebel, encouraging you to break free from a restricting aspect of life. Eclipses push us to meet our destiny. Though the events surrounding them seem unexpected, hindsight will reveal their significance in time. This eclipse lines up with Eris, the dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord. Her influence could make things feel erratic. Keep it in mind when you feel the urge to act on impulse. Take five deep breaths and ask, "Can I wait until after October 28 to act on these feelings?" Mars opposes Jupiter on October 28, adding to a culmination of energy motivating you to take a leap of faith. Combine the momentum with an optimistic outlook, and you will speed up the timeline of a manifested desire. 

As the Sun dips into Scorpio on October 23, it highlights your mystical side and prepares you for a sacred period of rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in meditation, journaling, or a retreat to return home to yourself

Many creative processes start in the dark – seeds begin to sprout underground, embryos grow in the womb, and works of art form in the mind before paint touches the canvas. The falling leaves (in the Northern Hemisphere) symbolize a season of transition as we move toward the darkest time of the year. You might also feel a shift in your life as you move into a new creative exploration. You're shaping and crafting your future, especially your career. Trust the process without growing impatient should things take longer than expected. 

The Sun shines in Libra until October 23, shining its light on your career. If someone approaches with a job prospect, discern whether it fits with your true mission. With tremendous activity in your career sector, including a powerful solar eclipse on October 14, think twice about staying in a rut of complacency or settling for something deeply unrewarding. How do you want to spend your time, and with which type of people? Consider the environment that best supports you. Career changes are likely with the eclipse shaking things up. 

Follow the synchronicities from October 4 to October 21. A period of intensity could lead to a breakthrough. Emotional currents can catalyze change. If you're feeling big swells, call your favorite helpers and cheerleaders to offer encouragement. Your social life is a bright spot at the end of the month, especially after Mercury enters Scorpio on October 21. That spirit carries through to Halloween. Plan accordingly!   

The Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 draws attention to your love life, awakening your joie de vivre. Interacting with a lover could uncover new insights about patterns of withholding love, but you don't have to stay stuck. Eclipses stir our willingness to change, and that's your opportunity.

Unshakable faith. Do you believe in anything so strongly that nothing can influence or change your mind? If so, this month's energies could tempt your resolve. At the Libra solar eclipse on October 14, remember that faith and doubt are polarities of a continuum. In moments of uncertainty, welcome trust – not just in favorable outcomes but in the cosmic goodness of life. Take deep breaths and move through those tests with a resolve to know the truth. Also, keep an open mind. 

The beginning of October sparks your wanderlust, making it a favorable time for a trip. Mercury enters Libra on October 4, helping you work out the details and make travel plans. This month's intensity calls for a reprieve, and even if you can't explore new horizons, you'll likely need a retreat mid-month. 

On October 18, the Sun's opposition to Eris, the dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord, brings challenging circumstances to a pivotal point. In your personal life, be willing to call attention to problematic relationship dynamics and express your feelings. Pick up your megaphone and call for change in your professional or public life. You can inspire others with your courage and bring healing through compassion. 

Mars enters Scorpio on October 11, motivating you to explore ways to share your talents and skills with the world. On October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio, adding to this vibrant energy and helping your work reach a broader audience. Even if you work behind the scenes, you could find more recognition during this cycle. 

The Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 emphasizes family. The more you explore your familial roots, the more quickly you can ground your dreams and intentions. Reflect on your history, and let the secrets you uncover inform your next chapter.

October brings us pumpkin-spice lattes and trick-or-treating. We watch the seasons change and understand the cyclical nature of life. You’re in touch with the mysteries of the cosmos and open to a great transformation. Though many aspects of your life will look the same after October, the inner shifts in consciousness will have a ripple effect as you design your future. We can thank the two eclipses– the Libra solar eclipse on October 14 and the Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 - for shaking you out of your comfort zone. 

You’re on a self-discovery mission this month, navigating the unsteady terrain of interpersonal relationships. This quest starts with examining the intricacies of love and money in your life. You could reveal core beliefs that are operating beneath the surface. Set appointments with your healer, therapist, or astrologer for insights. 

It’s an intense time, and your empathic abilities are at a peak. Strike a balance between autonomy and connection, ensuring you never need to hide your light or cut meaningful ties. On a positive note, you can connect with your spiritual gifts and resources more fluidly now than usual. Consider attending a retreat or workshop to support the efforts, especially mid-month, around October 14-18. 

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23 and shines a favorable light on you. Have faith in yourself and believe in your dreams. If monetary strains have been a concern, work towards financial empowerment. You might consider shifting your financial perspective, and focusing on self-worth and self-kindness. 

After October 23, you might decide on a whim to get out of town. Be open to surprise encounters and adventures.