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The Magic Hour + Airstream Collection

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Organic Wellness Teas


Crafted for Connection

The Magic Hour + Airstream Collection

Live & Sip Curiously!

Inspired by the timeless rituals of campfire gatherings and starlit conversations, this collection celebrates the essence of outdoor adventure and cozy camaraderie. From the invigorating Campfire Breakfast to the comforting Fireside Chai and the indulgent S'mores, each blend captures the magic of the wilderness, infusing warmth, comfort, and nostalgia into every cup.

Whether you're starting your day with a burst of energy, winding down by the fire, or indulging in a sweet treat under the stars, let the Magic Hour x Airstream tea collection elevate your outdoor experience and create cherished moments to last a lifetime.

Breakfast Tea

Campfire Breakfast

Contains Moderate Caffeine

A touch of organic, nostalgic pine-smoked Lapsang Souchong tea adds a hint of campfire warmth to this golden tipped Assam, Puerh breakfast tea blend that begs to be sipped with breakfast around a campfire. For lovers of nostalgia, Mezcal & smokey hints of tobacco, rich black tea, & buttery, creamy vanilla flavor profiles. 

Make this moment magic & Sip Curiously with this rich & hearty coffee alternative tea. 

Sip Campfire Breakfast
A warm scene featuring Campfire Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea from Magic Hour with teacups, a teapot, flowers, and pastries on a striped cloth. A small bowl of loose leaf tea and a vibrant leafy branch add a touch of nature to the setup. The aroma of Campfire Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea fills the air, making the atmosphere cozy and inviting.
S'mores Loose Leaf Dessert Herbal Tea Top Down on a Table with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Loose Leaf tea, and a silk scarf as well as a copper tea pot

Herbal Dessert Tea



Nostalgic dessert alert! Fire toasted marshmallow, hints of graham cracker & rich melted chocolate in a cup of healthfully divine herbal tea which is both sweet & free of guilt this blend is dedicated to the kids we were, the kids we love, and the kid in all of us!  Caffeine-Free!

Live & Sip Curiously as you cuddle under the stars and sip the moment.

Sip S'mores

Herbal Relaxation tea

Fireside Chai


Sip comfort by the fireside & warm your heart & conversations with this classic caffeine-free spiced herbal chai. Traditionally used to increase feelings of calm & digestive comfort, this blend has been my favorite nighttime family tea recipe for decades as Rooibos is used for relaxing richness & is rich in antioxidants including vitamin C. When blended with sweet warming spices it adds a warm glow to every precious moment under the stars.

Make this moment count through connection & remember to Live & Sip Curiously!

Sip Fireside Chai
Fireside Chai Herbal Loose Leaf Tea in 2 sizes of Violet Glass Jar on a table top down with several candles lit, playing cards, and steeped tea.

Sip Curiously Gift Set

A woman with long hair and sunglasses, wearing a patterned dress, is sitting on a chair next to a table with various items outdoors. She is holding a small bowl. Behind her, there is an Airstream trailer and lush greenery under a clear sky.

Live & Sip Curiously as you make every moment Magic.

Make every moment Magic with our Sip Curiously Gift Set, a captivating collection of teas designed to ignite your senses and inspire your adventures. With our Sip Curiously Gift Set, you'll embark on a journey of flavor and nostalgia, from the first light of dawn to the twinkling of the evening stars.

This Gift Set Features All Three Exclusive Tea Blends:

Campfire Breakfast

Fireside Chai


And a Midas Touch Tea strainer for no additional cost!

Learn More About the Airstream Collection with Founder of Magic Hour, Zhena