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The Calming Qualities of Chamomile

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There's no doubt you've been feeling it - the last two+ years have been the highest anxiety-inducing years of our lives with the pandemic, and once it eased, a war in Europe. As we balance our day-to-day to-do's, like getting the kids to school and going to work (at home counts), collectively we are experiencing a shift in what has been asked of us.

If you are an empath, or a highly sensitive person, you may be experiencing low-grade or even acute anxiety. Anxiety arises and puts our bodies in “fight or flight” mode, which releases the stress hormone, cortisol. While cortisol is good to get us out of bed or ready to ace a test, a constant state of it will burn out our adrenal system and affect our ability to think with perspective.

There are many coping solutions for reducing anxiety. One of which is to pour yourself a cup of tea, and Chamomile is a soothing, sleep-supportive herb that can help, as featured in this month's Gemstone blend, Aquamarine Dream.

Here are just a few of Chamomile's nourishing qualities:

-- Contains an antioxidant called apigenin, which binds with receptors in our brains that can help make us sleepy, alleviating symptoms of insomnia and soothing us into a state of rest

-- Can help reduce acidity in the stomach and alleviate digestive discomfort

-- Can help balance our blood sugar and boasts anti-inflammatory properties

-- Can help lower blood pressure and strengthen our heart

-- Helps alleviate menstrual cramps

-- Boosts our immune system

-- Quells anxiety and can support symptoms of depression

You can also find Chamomile in our Symbeeosis flower-power immunitea, boasting both antioxidant-rich and immune-supportive effects.

Self-Care Practices for Stress:

In addition to a healing cup of herbal tea, here are some other practices to nourish your spirit and calm your nervous system during these (or any) stressful times.


Breathe into your belly and envision your root chakra lighting red and connecting you to the healing energy of the earth. Allow this energy to warm you and help you to feel held.

Tea Ceremony

As you steep your tea, name three gratitudes into the tea itself. Visualize the gratitudes infusing the tea with grace. Sip the tea, envisioning the gratitude entering your body and nourishing it from the inside out.

Journal it away

Anxiety is natural, holding it in your cells is not good for your health. Instead of keeping it inside, journal it away. Use prompts like: “In this moment I feel…” and then begin to write. As you move through each sentence, allow your subconscious to release what has been beneath the surface of the anxiety. This has been proven to help us heal.

Envision a Circle of Light around you and those you are praying for

When we don’t feel we can make a difference, helplessness can seep in. But, helplessness is an illusion. Envision a golden circle of light around you and invite anything inside the circle that you don’t want (fear, helplessness, anger) out, while inviting calm, compassion and focus back into your circle. Now do this for Ukraine, or for anyone you want to bless with your mind’s powerful intentions and your heart’s intense love.

Taking small steps each day to slow down, breathe, prioritize self-care, reach out those we love, and become present to the divine, helps us reconnect to our inner wisdom and the beauty that exists around us, in the purity of nature, and in our precious humanity.

Wishing you calm and comfort today and all days forward.

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