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Tap the Joy of Your Genius

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I recently returned from 6 weeks of traveling through Asia with my 9-year old daughter, Mia. Her limitless wonder and interpretation of the world reminds me of what it's like to live as authentically and creatively as possible. She says how she feels, asks for what she needs, and expresses her opinions without hesitation—or an edit button! Mia is the result of being raised by me and influenced by my dear friend and mentor, Gay Hendricks, who is this month’s Magician for Club Magic Hour!

One long day in after sightseeing in Singapore, a group of Japanese tourists commandeered us to take pictures with Mia—as part of their tour! (Happens all the time, she’s so stinkin’ cute ☺) Mia was tired and hungry and unapologetically said to one lady, "I’m done, please leave me alone.”  Even though more tourists wanted a picture with her, she wasn't worried about what their response would be, or worried about needing to please all of them (are there any other people pleasers out there?? *raises hand*).

With 6 weeks of 1-on-1 mommy-daughter time, I was constantly inspired by her free expression, which, for many of us, can be tempered or even lost over time through life as we compromise or “get busy.” We can lose our connection to our GENIUS, sometimes also our unapologetic, childlike "this is who I am, deal with it” attitude, while we gain judgment, fear, and restrictions to keep us "safe." Thoughts like "I can't ask for more or they'll think I'm selfish," or "I'm too old to start this, I should have started years ago" limit us from expressing what we really want and ultimately lose sight of our particular shade of GENIUS!

This is so timely for me because this month we launch the Joy of Genius Box - and the Tea Genius Tea Towel an offering to break through those limits and express ourselves, like the fearless 9 year old in all of us!

If you're familiar with Gay Hendricks, this teaching takes off from where his massively popular book, "The Big Leap" left off, and will propel you into even greater expansion of unlocking your creative potential, communing with your genius, and freeing yourself from negative thinking and upper limits you may suffer from (that Mia obviously doesn’t ☺).

Gay Hendricks

PLUS this month’s box comes with our brand new Tea: Coconut Chai GREEN Tea – MY FAVORITE ICED TEA OF ALL TIME! This tea is cooling in the heat, warming in the cold, an exotic blend of Sri Lankan spices masterfully combined with biodynamically-grown green tea for a clarifying & energizing classic.

I hope you’ll join me for this month’s incredible tea & transformation box, there’s nothing like the teaching from Gay and the incense, tea, genius spiral, wonder questions and Joy of Genius Workbook are AWESOME!

Here’s to your genius, and to your healthiest life! 




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