The Magic Hour Glass Apothecary Jar




The Bio-Violet glass used to create your Magic Hour ceremonial tea display jar was first created by Ancient Egyptians to preserve their medicinal herbs, precious perfumes and essential oils. This glass making technology has been revived by a scientist in the Netherlands where our bottles are made. The violet glass filters out the harmful rays of visible light so your organic, hand-blended Magic Hour ceremonial teas remain as fresh as the day they were harvested. The rare violet-hued glass is exquisite to behold.

We’ve chosen to forego tins, and individual tea bags for this superior and beautiful way of display storage as you will only need to buy the jar once and refill it. Tea packaging wastage is a massive problem with millions of pesky little envelopes (mostly plastic lined) and tea bag paper enters landfills. Our commitment to our beautiful planet inspired us to create a way for you to only buy the packaging once then you can simply order refills of your favorite blends. Our Bio-Violet is a fully sustainable way for us to supply you with our essential-oil scented tea while honoring the planet that grows them.