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During this social distancing and isolating time, let’s deepen our connection to those closest to us–in our home. (As much as I adore Netflix, how much can we really sit around and watch without feeling bored, right?)

Today, I’d love to share one of our Magic Hour gems; it’s a fun game you can play at home with your beloved, or your family, or your roommates that helps you get to know each other even more! 

This is called “The Balloon Toss”–and if you don’t have a balloon handy, not to worry as you can use a ball, hacky sack, or even a teddy bear!

My dear friends and relationship gurus, Gay and Katie Hendricks have spent the past 40 years teaching millions of couples how to enjoy authentic, intimate relationships.

In this Magic Hour video, you will learn more about how they’ve kept the spark of their love going all these years and watch a demonstration of the Balloon Toss game.

A message from your teachers...

The Magic of Conscious Connection

Through our 40 years in loving relationship, Gay and I have found that seeing each other as an evolving Work of Art instead of an “improvement project” creates more intimacy and deep connection with one another. It also allows us to discover more about ourselves and one another on a daily basis, so we are always in flow both as individuals and as a couple.  

With this in mind, we’ve created a simple but profoundly effective process to deepen authentic connection and intimacy through practicing a friendly conversational game we refer to as “the toss.” In the toss, you communicate in real and curious ways with one another. You can easily make this a daily ritual that will allow you to not only re-weave any disconnections, but to also deeply enjoy the process of relating, healing, and communicating in more meaningful ways. In Magic Hour’s Conscious Connection Box, you will receive not only our favorite Coconut Chai tea, but you will also receive a study guide and exclusive video we made just for you about how to welcome more magic into your lives.

Here’s to a more loving, connected world! 

Gay & Katie 


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