The Intuition Box with Epiphany Chakra Tea & Collette Baron-Reid



The Third Eye Chakra is known in Sanskrit as the Ajna. This is your personal connection to insight and intuition. Located in the middle of your lower forehead just above your eyes, this energy center is considered your connection point for your soul and the universe. 

This bright, bold, awakening blend of organic black tea, probiotic-rich Puerh, immune-boosting elderberry, antioxidant-rich blackcurrants, tonifying blackberry leaves, elegant blue cornflower and rich berry extracts is sweet on the palate while a powerful potion for intuitive clarity and self-trust. Steeped into a precious brain-protecting berry liquor, the rich purple berries enhance your 6th chakra, found in the center of your forehead-this is the space of "second sight" where you are able to see possibilities beyond the immediate. When your 6th chakra is balanced, you see beauty everywhere and therefore create more of it to behold. 

The rich purple hues of this tea's fruits fortify the 6th chakra & nourish the Pineal gland which stimulates your body’s natural algorithm for sleep & wake cycles. This blend is nootropic, awakening brain activity while providing rich antioxidants which nourish every cell in your brain & being. 

This is a deeply jammy flavor profile on a malty & rich base, it is iconic like our Bohemian Breakfast yet very richly accented with elderberry & blackcurrant producing a slightly sweet liquor. Fortifying & satisfying, this blend helps increase energy levels, balance digestion, and sweeten any moment in which you are looking to experience an Epiphany. Mantra for this tea: I AM Intuitive 

About Colette Baron-Reid 

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual medium and best-selling inspirational author published in 27 languages. Her popular meditation apps and oracle card apps are worldwide hits. She is the founder and creator of Oracle School- a global online learning experience about how to use oracles to manifest an empowered inspired magical life. As a spiritual medium she also stars in her own TV show Messages from Spirit (Amazon Prime/YouTube). Colette splits her time between the USA and Canada with her husband and 3 adorable Pomeranians. When she’s not creating oracle card decks, and teaching global audiences, she’s writing songs, singing and recording music to chill to. 

The box comes with: 

85+ ceremonial cups of Epiphany Blackcurrant-Puerh tea in your choice of Lux Pouch or our signature Violet Glass Apothecary Jar. 

Handmade Grapefruit Citrus Natural Essential Oil Bath Salts 

Exclusive Magic Hour transformational teaching video with Colette Baron-Reid. 

Upgrade Option: 

The Oracle of 7 Energies Deck (additional $30). The powerful energy of the number seven is reflected in belief systems and cultures throughout history . . . and in your own life today. As you will learn in this oracle, the wisdom of the energy of seven can be seen in the way you think, how you make decisions, what you encounter within yourself, and the conditions of your world. Drawing upon the power of seven, this oracle reveals how we as individuals experience our lives, giving us a framework from which to make inspired choices as we co-create our reality.

Organic Black Tea, Organic Puerh Tea, Organic Elderberry Fruit, Organic Black Currant Fruit, Blackberry Leaves, Blue Cornflower Petals, Natural Berry Extracts


 Blackcurrant fruit is native to Europe and Asia, and is teeming with antioxidants (four times that of oranges!) and anthocyanins, which are bioflavonoids found in plants. Anthocyanins have been shown to support lowering blood pressure, providing anti-inflammatory support and boosting the immune system.

Our biodynamically-grown, organic Puerh Black Tea is rich in powerful flavonoids, and has been shown in studies to aid our precious hearts, lower LDL, and improve digestive health. It contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which eases inflammation, decreases joint and muscle pain and can support more ease and flow in the body by alleviating stiffness and soreness. 

Elderberry has been touted for centuries for its supportive, immune-boosting properties, including its ability to combat infections, influenza, pain and so much more. It’s also high in antioxidants, vitamin C and fights harmful bacteria to keep our health and vitality strong. 

Blue Cornflower Petals Native to Mediterranean Europe, this blue flower is gently stimulating and its herbal benefits include support for fever, chest congestion and even our liver.


This bright, bold, awakening blend is a sweet and powerful potion for intuitive clarity and self-trust. Steeped into a precious brain-protecting berry liqueur, the rich alchemy enhances your 6th chakra while nourishing every cell in your brain and being. As you enjoy each cup, take a moment to carve out some stillness. Close your eyes, holding the cup near your heart, and focus your inner vision on your 6th chakra. Follow the flow of your breath, gently in and out, as you settle into the sacred neutrality found when we merge our sacred beings with the All.

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