Joy of Genius Box


Each box comes with: 

  • 6oz of Coconut Chai Green Tea (that’s 85 cups!)
  • Access to Gay Hendricks' exclusive 20-minute Genius Video Training
  • Shoyeido Creativity Incense 
  • 22-Page Download Joy of Genius Discussion & Training Guide 
  • The Genius Spiral Poster 
  • Moon Phase Calendar plus your choice to include an exquisite glass apothecary jar.
It does not take special qualifications - any qualifications - to be a genius. In fact, each of us harbors pure brilliance, each of us possesses the radiant shine to draw from and forge into something great to offer to the world and ourselves. Join Gay Hendricks, as he teaches you simple and effective techniques to first identify, and then unleash your true, exhilarating potential. Become inspired and mindful, learn to ask yourself the Wonder Questions and receive answers from within, awaken your curiosity, and transform your life doing what you love!


Coconut Chai Green Tea

Cooling in the heat, warming in the cold, Coconut Chai Green is an unparalleled year-round health and wellness potion. An exotic blend of Sri Lankan spices masterfully combined with biodynamically-grown green tea for a sensual & energizing classic.

The first step to living your genius is your attitude. Adopt an approach of lighthearted, cheerful wonder. Explore with an open mind and an open heart. Release your judgments and replace them with curiosity and appreciation.” 
― Gay Hendricks

About Gay Hendricks

The star of our Conscious Connection Box returns! Gay Hendricks is a world-famous writer, psychologist, coach, and the teacher of "conscious living and conscious loving" - his mission is to guide people towards discovering and exercising their genius, and towards personal excellence through the science of body intelligence. Having received a Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, Gay spent 21 years teaching at the University of Colorado where he obtained the title of Full Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department. He's the founder of the Hendricks Institute, as well as the author of over 40 books, most of them co-written with his wife of almost 40 years, Katie Hendricks. Together they conduct relationship and personal growth seminars all around the world, train coaches, and appear in numerous TV and radio shows, including Oprah and an interview with Jean Chatzky.

Coconut Chai Green Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Fair Trade, Organic, Artisan Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cloves, Essential oil of Cinnamon and Natural Coconut Flavor.

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