The Best of Spring Box

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Up to 200 cups of tea!

Celebrate the very best of spring with the Best of Spring Tea Sampler Box, featuring 13 exquisite blends that capture the essence of the season. This curated collection includes sampler pouches of our Spring Release Tarot Teas, Spring Astrology Teas, Birthstone-Inspired Gemstone Teas, and Wanderlust Travel-Inspired Teas, plus a refreshing addition from our Cosmic Garden Iced Teas. Each tea is thoughtfully crafted to bring you the finest flavors of spring in every cup.


Spring Release Caffeine-Free Tarot Teas:

  • High Priestess – Cardamom Tulsi Mint Herbal Tea with Gotu Kola
  • Empress – Lavender Currant Shatavari Cocoa Tea
  • The Star – Vanilla Ginger Beauty Potion with Jasmine & Shatavari

Spring Astrology Teas:

  • Pisces - Blueberries & Cream Magnolia Jasmine Oolong
  • Aries – Blackberry Bergamot Garden of Eden Oolong
  • Taurus – Tropical Chocolate Coffee Leaf Tea

Spring Gemstone Teas (Birthstone-Inspired):

  • Diamond – Strawberries & Champagne White Tea
  • Aquamarine Dream – Pineapple Blueberry Ayurvedic Adrenal Tonic
  • Emerald – Pineapple Cream Green Tea

Spring Wanderlust Travel-Inspired Teas:

  • Queen of Kyoto – Cherry Blossom Jasmine Sencha Green Tea
  • Marrakesh – Spice Mint Moroccan Green Tea
  • Provence – Spring Floral White Tea

[NEW] Cosmic Garden Iced Tea:

  • Blueberry Lavender Mint – Refresh your senses with our new Cosmic Garden Iced Tea, a harmonious blend of blueberry, lavender, and mint, perfect for enjoying over ice on warm spring days & long into summer. Includes convenient sachets for easy brewing.

This luxurious collection is perfect for both tea enthusiasts and casual sippers, offering a delightful array of teas to explore and enjoy the magic of the season.

  • Perfect for tea lovers seeking a seasonal adventure in every cup.
  • Ideal for gift-givers looking to share the joy of spring with friends and family.
  • A must-have for anyone ready to elevate their tea experience with exclusive, limited-edition blends.
  • Discovering the vibrant flavors of spring, one delightful sip at a time.
  • Unwinding and rejuvenating with luxurious teas inspired by astrology, gemstones, and global travels.
  • Creating a serene tea ritual that celebrates the beauty and renewal of the spring season.
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