Spiritual Guardian Kavacha Necklace


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What we deem precious accompanies us always— a spiritual aegis that strengthens our being. This 18k gold plate kavacha necklace features a tube-shaped locket that opens to hold something cherished to accompany and protect you on your journey to truth. 

A kavach, or armor, is worn to protect its wearer from negative energy or inauspicious influences. In the Hindu spiritual tradition, kavachas may also be filled with sacred Vrindavan dust taken from Vrindavan, where the Hindu god Krishna made his supreme home. It is believed that Vrindavan dust is no different than Krishna and therefore, holy; carrying it in a kavach allows its wearer to feel connected to god. 

Lotus: New Beginnings 

H- 8mm x W- 24mm 18'' with 3'' Extension Chain 

Made in India