Summer Harvest 2020 Singbulli Estate Organic Darjeeling


Known as the "Champagne of Teas" our summer 2020 Harvest second flush (second plucking of the season-with more body & rich character) is one of the most exceptional Darjeeling harvests we've tasted in years. We consider it the Silver-tipped lining of a fairly trying year!

Bright & light on the palate teeming with warm tropical fruit notes and lingering honey on the finish, this tea has a full mouth feel & chestnut liquor with the muscatel notes only pinnacle Darjeeling teas possess. 

Located in the Mirik area in Darjeeling, the Singbulli estate is spread across 9 rolling hills over an area of 22 kms with altitude varying between 1200 ft to 4100 ft. The estate is focused on enriching the soil through composting & ecological diversity, making it a welcome paradise to pollinators and wildlife.  

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