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Shincha Green Tea from Yakushima Island, Japan

Limited Availability!

Our newest obsession & only 50 packets available, the freshest tea of the year, a first harvest neon green pure tea from the mysterious & exquisite Japanese Island of Yakushima.

Zhena fell in love with this year’s harvest immediately and was able to secure a small amount to share with you.

We only have 50 units available, order now & sip while you can!

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Zhena's Blend Notes

When our importer sent this sample, we gasped at the bright steep, never a greener tea (other than Matcha 1111) has been sipped! Light, vegetal, dreamy & fortifying this tea is fast a favorite & I’ve saved as many as I could for you without stashing them in my tea safe :)

To be drunk immediately, this is a fleeting joy, a rare and wildly fresh energy fills you and the bright green hue transports you to the rainforest of this island paradise.

Shincha tea, also known as “new tea” is the first harvest of the year, and is one of the most prized and sought-after. It is carefully handpicked from the lush, green tea fields of Yakushima Island, and offers a fragrant aroma and delicate flavor. Shincha Green Tea is the perfect to sip on its own, and its delicate, natural flavor is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 5 g. in 6oz of 175 degree freshly heated water for 1.5 minutes.

Strain and enjoy!

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