Raw Cinnamon Creamy Honey


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Raw Creamy Cinnamon Honey is the perfect thick smooth texture for spreading on toast, bagels, smoothies, or simply melting in to tea. 

Handcrafted with wildflower honey and cinnamon added in.

From Hannah, The Beekeepers Daughter: 

"Beekeeping has been a part of my family since the 1800’s, when my family was hobbyist beekeepers. Our honey producing business was established in the 1950’s in Dallas, Pa by my grandfather William Perry Sr. As the years went past, more and more hives were being kept due to the demand for American honey and we have eventually buzzed our way to thousands of hives. I, Hannah Burgess, eventually started The Beekeeper's Daughter in 2012 to expand our own private label along with many other products from the hive, such as honey soda and creamy honey. What started out as a small business venture, has grown to become our family life."


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