Possibility Box with Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls



We plucked the pearls of each teaching from such luminaries as Anita Moorjani, Colette Baron-Reid, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Michaela Boehm, Jennifer McLean and Justin Michael Williams. 

Paired with the fragrant Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls: Tea For Divine Guidance, you will transcend worldly concerns and arise to a renewed sense of infinite peace, potential and possibility as the new decade unfolds. 

Each Box Includes: 

  • 30 to 60+ Cups of Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearl Tea in your choice of Lux Pouch or Violet Glass Apothecary Jar.
  • Pearls of wisdom from a year of Magic Hour’s Transformational Teachings 
  • Midas Touch Gold Tea Strainer 
  • Shoyeido Incense 
  • Printed Raise Your Vibrations Poster 

Featured Magic Hour Magicians & Transformational Teachings: 

  • Michaela Boehm 

- Extra-Sensory Awareness: Engage all your senses with a cup of tea with Michaela Boehm. 

- Featured in The Love & Intimacy Box. 

  • Gay & Katie Hendricks 

- Commit to a conscious relationship and creativity with Gay & Katie Hendricks. 

- Featured in The Conscious Connection Box. 

  • Colette Baron-Reid 

- Understanding fears and triggers in our modern world with Colette Baron-Reid. 

- Featured in The Oracle Dream Box. 

  • Anita Moorjani 

- Anita’s #1 lesson from her near death experience that left her cancer free. 

- Featured in The Self-Love Box. 

  • Justin Michael Williams 

- Guided meditation with Justin Michael Williams. 

- Featured in The Meditation Box. 

  • Jennifer McLean 

- Jennifer on the numerology of 2020 and our responsibilities for the 2020 decade. 

- Featured in The Vibrant Decade Box.

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea


Young green tea leaves are high in L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to be neuro-protective, enhancing clarity & feelings of bliss. High in anti-oxidants, green tea is a precious serum known for helping keep our skin young, our hearts healthy, and our weight in balance. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


As the new decade unfolds, we celebrate Magic Hour’s transformational teachings of 2019 and look forward to the pearls of possibility we can mine from treasured moments of connection & reflection. 

As you sip your Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearl Tea at dawn or dusk, connect with each wisdom teaching to rediscover the magic in your own heart.