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Good Witch Eau De Parfum (10mL) is handcrafted in small batches using Pure Essential Oils, Vibrational Flower Essences and Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol. And Nothing else. A truly sensual floral blend with sweet vanilla, spicy undertones and just the lightest hint of citrus. I seriously can't get enough of it! Also contains... Red Ruby Gemstone Essence for beauty, love and connection. Jasmine Flower Essence, for heart healing and compassion. Pink Yarrow Flower Essence for protection. 10ml gold purse spray.

Oxley Eau De Parfum (1.7oz) starts with white gardenia and night-blooming jasmine, it draws you in. The base notes of essential vanilla and African musk are welcoming, comforting, solid. Packaged in a 1.7 oz glass bottle with a bulb atomizer. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free.

Olivine Eau De Parfum (1.7oz) is the rich, delicious scent of Gardenia, mingling gracefully with an earthy musk, soaring and centering all at once. It’s a starting point, and a reset button, and a constant indulgence. Packaged in a 1.7 oz glass bottle with a bulb atomizer. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free.

Love + Roses (2oz) is an intoxicating, magic-making blend of natural anti-aging beautifiers, essential oils, sacred flower essences, and waters to soften skin and hair. What It Does: Softens skin, refreshes hair and makeup, uplifts the spirit. How to Use? Mist on face, hair, and body for instant hydration and soul-affirming aromatherapy. The Ritual: Anoint and acknowledge your true worth by misting on face, body, and hair, reciting aloud "I am divine" when each spritz hits your skin. Because, darling, you are.

Love + Salt (2oz & 8oz) is their #1 selling product and cult favorite product... Love + Salt is a vegan, volume-enhancing mist that gives hair impossibly sultry beach waves. My favorite way to use this is to spray it on dry hair, throw it in a top knot and let it sit overnight. In the morning I have impossibly sultry beach waves!! Available in 2 oz and 8 oz bottles, as well as in the You Are Loved Box Set!
You Are Loved Box Set includes Love + Salt (2oz) & Love + Roses (2oz) all wrapped up in the sweetest gift box at the sweetest price!

Mermaid Moon (1/2oz) has notes of Blood Orange, Black Coconut, Vanilla, Arabian Sandalwood, African Musk, that will entice you, seduce you, and beckon you like the sirens of legend to dive in, and go deeper into your power. Mermaid Moon contains the magic of Fluorite crystals. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free. Packaged in 1/2 oz glass roller bottle.

The Blue Moon (1/2oz) gives you the power to truly bounce back from any feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, and realize your true inner knowing. Be forewarned, you may feel inspired to embrace your ultimate destiny! The fragrance is a combination of Pikake, Salty Sea Mist, Cucumber, Amber Blanc and Clean Musk. Each bottle contains an Aquamarine crystal. Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids! 1/2 oz glass roll-on bottle Cruelty-Free/Vegan/Phthalate + Paraben Free/Non-Toxic 
The Rose Moon ( 1/2 oz) fragrance is a modern take on the traditional rose perfume with the addition of Tuberose. Tuberose is carnal, creamy and complex. Contains Rose Quartz gems for extra magic! Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free. Packaged in 1/2 oz glass roller bottle.
Amongst the Waves (5mL) captures the ultra-relaxed, sensory paradise of a beach day in Hawaii. With a top note of ocean salt and black coconut, Amongst the Waves melts into a full-bodied, floral heart composed of lush stargazer lily, waterlily and tiger lily. These flowers rest on a warm base of clean musk mingling with tonka bean and Arabian sandalwood. This is our best selling fragrance of all time! Packaged in a 5 ml glass bottle. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free.

Gigi (5ml) is flirtatious, innocent and sexy all at the same time. After beginning with a sweet open-top note of Pear, Papaya and Bergamot, you are then invited into a full heart note of Ylang Ylang, Gardenia and a touch of Green Tea. Packaged in a 5 ml glass bottle. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free.

With a top note containing the tiniest hint of Almond, More Than The Stars (5mL) opens to a feminine middle note accord of lush Stargazer Lily and soft Gardenia. Egyptian Musk and fresh Sandalwood are accented by essential Vanilla and Brazilian Vetiver which add both an anchor and sensuality to a fragrance that can be worn both during the brightest of days, and into the deepest of those star-filled nights. Packaged in a 5ml glass bottle. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Phthalate + Paraben Free.


Deluxe Perfume Oil Sample Set includes: Amongst The Waves, Bluebird, Full Regalia, Gigi, More Than The Stars, Olivine, Oxley, and She Belongs There.

Frost Moon (1/2oz) Carnation, Blood Orange, Egyptian Musk, Amber Blanc, and Vanilla. Each bottle of Frost Moon also contains Snowflake Obsidian. This beautiful stone removes harmful thought patterns that are keeping us from truly loving ourselves.

Flower Moon (1/2oz) The Flower Moon fragrance brings its own magic made up of Blood Orange, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Lily Of The Valley, Stargazer Lily, Vanilla and White Musk. Each bottle of the Flower Moon Perfume houses a powerful crystal for an extra dose of enchantment: Strawberry Quartz.

Dragon Moon (1/2 oz) The Dragon Moon fragrance ignites the energy of the moon. We begin with ripe notes of the evocative and sensual fig. Then balanced with White Tea, Amber Blanc, and Spring Musk create a scent light enough for heavy wings to take flight, and green and bright enough to inspire our youthful energy. 

Gold Moon (1/2oz) Gold Moon is what happens when Wolf Moon slips into her favorite little black dress. An opulent fragrance made of Vanilla, Night Jasmine, Musc Blanc, Deep Amber, and Golden Sandalwood. Each bottle is infused with Gold Flakes and Garnet Crystals. The deep red garnets are connected to the heart chakra and the root chakra...providing a deeply sensual effect that is not for amateurs.

Wolf Moon (1/2oz) Wolf Moon is the perfect cozy fragrance for the cold winter months. The mix of Amber and Vanilla oils has the unusual power to be both seductive and innocent all at the same time.  This blend is sensual and soothing...romantic and sexy...comforting and warm. Each bottle of Wolf Moon Perfume houses two powerful crystals for an extra dose of magic...Clear Quartz and Herkimer Diamond.

Self Love Potion is a body mist, a hair refresh, a room spray, a linen spray and a lucky charm all rolled into one. For best results use multiple times a day!

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