3-Month Magic Hour Violet Glass Apothecary Jar Gift Subscription


Gift someone you love with the treasure of Tea Ceremony & Wellness!

This is a special 3-month subscription where you gift a $66 Magic Hour Tea & Transformation Apothecary Jar Subscription. 

Please Note: You will be charged $66 per month for the duration of three months.

    We'll include a beautiful gift card to your lucky recipient!

    If you gift this 3-Month Membership in September, here's what your recipient will receive:

    The Bee Well Box With Symbeeosis Immunitea: Antiviral, Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory, Super-Immune Booster!

    Begins Shipping on September 10th. Pre-Order & Reserve Your Symbeeosis Tea!

    This is a FLOWER POWER blend to bolster your precious wellness journey. This divine blend includes Organic Echinacea Purpurea Herb, Butterfly Pea Flower (which turns the tea a lovely indigo blue color), Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender, Organic Elderberry, Organic Hibiscus and Organic Cinnamon.

    The Bee Well Box comes with a hive of wonderful accessories, including a small jar of Black Sage Honey from Savannah Bee Company. Honey is antimicrobial, antibacterial and has strong antiviral properties to help boost your immune system if it ever gets compromised. This rare and exceptional honey is usually harvested only four seasons per decade.

    The $66 eco-luxe box comes with:

    • 60+ ceremonial cups of Symbeeosis Immunitea in our signature Apothecary Jar.
    • Small Jar of Savannah Bee Company's Black Sage Honey.
    • Sacred Beeometry Coloring Card.
    • Exclusive Magic Hour transformational tea ceremony & rituals to deepen your connection to the magical, mystical realm of the honeybees.
    • Inspirational & Educational Videos With Owner of Savannah Bee Company and Beekeeper, Ted Dennard.
    • 2020-2021 Moon Phase Chart for setting New Moon intentions & releasing obstacles on the Full Moon.

    In the time of the ancient Greeks, the priestesses on the island of Crete, known as Melissae (plural of the word “bee”), attended to the great Aphrodite.

    Aphrodite is so much more than a "fluffy" love goddess. She is beauty, harmony and a representation of the original self: the self we were before society and other people told us who we were “supposed to be,” and how we “should” act.

    The Melissae were also invoked during the sacred initiation rites of Demeter and Persephone–the Eleusinian Mysteries. The famous Oracle at Delphi was named the “Delphic Bee“ and sat over an egg-shaped omphalos carved with bees.

    To the Hindus, the bee goddess is named Bhramari Devi, who is said to reside in the heart chakra and emits a buzzing sound–the song of the creation of the Universe.

    The ancient Hebrews referred to the great goddess as Deborah, meaning “queen bee.” It is our birthright to be sovereign; we can allow ourselves to feel the impulse to be self-ruled and act as the Queens of our realms as we also gather in community to build a better world.

    As you sip this enchanted pollinators’ tea, you are connecting to an ancient lineage of divine bee priestesses as well as enhancing your health and immunity.

    With Symbeeosis tea you are returning to the values of the bees: teamwork and collaboration in community. They build their hives with wax produced from their own bodies in six-sided, hexagon shaped units: another nod to the goddess Aphrodite whose sacred number is 6. The stunning symmetry of a honeycomb reflects the harmonizing and synergizing aspects of bees.

    Throughout September, Zhena, Ted Dennard (Beekeeper & Owner of Savannah Bee Company) and Kris Seraphine (Frame Drummer who studied with Layne & Zhena's Marketing Goddess) will share their knowledge and experience with the bee-autiful world of the honeybee.

    You'll learn:

    • How bees help us understand how community can work in an ideal way.
    • Rituals bees have that create harmony within the hive.
    • How beekeeping has taught Ted to slow down and take time with nature and his soul.
    • Details about how pollen and honey (particularly Black Sage) nourish our bodies/healing & nutrient details.
    • Queen-consciousness, how the bee hives are a femmocracy and why that works.

    Please join us!

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