Vintage Spring 2020: Yunnan Golden Tip Black Tea



Buttery. Creamy. Regal. It is with great joy I acquired the last 11 pounds available globally of this spectacular Golden Yunnan black tea. As soon as I saw the golden buds and inhaled their caramel aroma I was entranced. Upon the first sip, my eyes welled up in tears that maybe I had found the best golden tipped Yunnan black tea of my lifetime. While I hope the tea gods continue to smile on us, for now, we have a tiny bit of this precious elixir...Very few times in my life I've been this lucky to taste a black Yunnan this divine, and I'm over the moon to have a little to share with my beloved tea adventurers :) I really want to just keep it, but that wouldn't be nice now would it? Love, Zhena 

Harvested May 2020, Yunnan, China Available Only in 4 Ounce Pouch (60 Amazing Cups)

Yunnan Golden Tip Black Tea