Self-Guided Fall Ceremonial Tea Cleanse



If ever there was a way to “lose” weight—the weight of the world, the weight of quick meals eaten between meetings, classes or to do’s—it is to slow down and savor that which we consume. 

Please note: If cleanse is ordered after October 7th, 2021 we cannot guarantee delivery before or on October 16th, 2021. 

Thank you for your understanding.

The 2nd Annual Fall Ceremonial Tea Cleanse will realign you with savoring that which you sip, eat and also cleanse your environment of stimulation that both distracts you from your quiet calm and presence.

Join me, Zhena—founder and Master Tea Blender of Magic Hour—on a 7 day sensory journey as we cleanse our bodies, homes, and minds of the clutter that weighs us down. 

Whether it be negative thoughts, worries of the state of the world, or task lists that are longer than a novel, you will find peace, reprieve and connection through this program. 

Each day you will be led through a morning tea ceremony and intention setting, along with prompts for the daily practice. You will learn more about tea and tea ceremony, mindfulness and the healing benefits of Magic Hour’s collection of healing teas. 

Each evening, you will close with a group meditation, reflection and check in via Zoom. 

Hundreds of women (and our assistant Thomas :)) have “lost” excess weight—which I like to call inflammation—over the course of past cleanses. Think of it as a check in with your body, with your soul, and with the mindful approach to savoring your senses. 

By slowing down, we regain control of our minds and schedules. 

By sipping our tea in ceremony, we reconnect with our intuition and our bodies. 

By being in Communitea with our Magic Hour cleanse group, we belong. 

I hope you’ll join me for this beautiful 7-day cleanse journey, I need this cleanse as much as any of you might! I plan to “lose” my sneaky addiction to technology in this cleanse, not to mention the extra stress weight I put on due to the Delta variant! Together we can “lose” that which doesn’t serve us—whether it’s the clutter of our closets or of our minds—we can lighten our lives simply by appreciating them more intentionally!

Program Includes:

  • Daily Morning and Evening Zoom Meditations and Gatherings
  • A 7-day cleanse guide and journal
  • Small group time with Zhena
  • A fun and engaged private Facebook Group
  • Love, Support, and Wellness Tips from Zhena & Our Communitea
  • Optional: Cleanse Kit 

Here are your Tea Kit options:

Luxe Cleanse Kit: 9 x 1oz pouches (15+ cups per pouch for a total of 125-135 cups)

Includes: Sin Eraser, Citrine Cleanse, Genmaicha, Queen of the Tropics, Blue Pineapple Bubble Tea, Bohemian Breakfast, Blueberry Lavender Moon, Almond Matcha, and Ruby Moon. 

Caffeine Free Set:  
8 x 1oz pouches (15+ cups in each pouch) 

Includes: Citrine Cleanse, Moringa Moon, Queen of the Tropics, Ruby Moon, Child's Pose, Mantra Mint, Lucid Dreams, and Audacious.

Chakra Set: 7 Traveler Jars (15+ Cups in each Traveler)

Includes: Lotus Mind, Epiphany, Quintessence, Happy Heart, Salutation, Joyous, and Audacious. 

All Tea'd Up Cleanse Kit: This is the NO TEA, PLEASE option for $33