Dream Magic Box : Child's Pose, Lucid Dreams, & Bliss: Sacred Tulsi Apothecary Jars



Enhance the majesty & beauty of your sojourns in the dream world with this caffeine-free collection of Bedtime/Naptime organic herbal teas. 

The Dream Magic Box contains 3 blends that will help you get a restful night's sleep: Child's Pose, Lucid Dreams & Bliss, all packaged beautifully in our signature Violet Glass Apothecary Jar.

Lucid Dreams - A Luscious, Warming & Detoxifying Blend of Exotic Herbs & Spices

Enjoy this spicy & sweet adaptogenic tea all Winter long to warm your body & soul. This is the perfect blend to send you off to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. 

Lucid Dreams is full of anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, cardamom & blood sugar regulating cinnamon. It is a caffeine-free blend that incorporates Krishna Tulsi, the Queen of medicinal herbs used for centuries in Ayurveda.

Child's Pose - Tonic For A Deeply Restful Sleep 

Caffeine-free Holy Basil blends perfectly with sweet roses, aromatic tangerine, sultry vanilla, calming French Lavender, and both digestive and mood-enhancing Northwest Peppermint in this sleep-inducing nerve tonic. A sweet and soothing adaptogenic tea formulated to relax your nervous system, calm your mind, and help you drift into a beautiful sleep. This blend stops the body’s stress response production of cortisol, soothing your system, and helping you relax. The sacred herbs and flowers connect your heart to your mind as you sip what is the relaxation equivalent tea to a comforting child’s pose in yoga.

Bliss - A Sacred Blend of 3 Tulsi Varieties For Blissful Sleep 

Our Bliss Sacred Tulsi is a sweet and uplifting blend of 3 types of Tulsi: Rama, Vishnu, and Krishna...named after the Hindu holy trinity of creation. Our friends who import this not only revere it for its health benefits but tell us that each night they sip this tea with their children as a sacred time for healing and connecting. A treasured ritual, sipping Tulsi reduces cortisol--the stress hormone that ages us and depletes our immune systems. A bevy of health benefits, we drink Tulsi as a company and in each of our homes to bring us back to hearing and following the wisdom of our hearts. Many homes in India have a Tulsi altar outside their door, showing reverence and gratitude for the herb that brings calm, healing, and bliss to their bodies and lives.

Bliss Sacred Tulsi: Rama Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi & Krishna Tulsi

Child's Pose: Krishna Tulsi, Roses, Pacific Northwest Peppermint, Lavender Blossoms, Natural Tangerine & Vanilla Flavors.

Lucid Dreams: Krishna Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Orange Peel, Peppercorns, Cloves, & natural coconut & cinnamon flavors.


Lucid Dreams Herbal Tea


Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is an herbal tonic for the mind, body, and spirit. As an adaptogenic herb, Tulsi helps your body to chemically adapt to outside stressors and promote mental balance by halting production of the stress-hormone cortisol. Cortisol ages us and causes disease, Holy Basil/Tulsi is used to change the body’s chemistry to slow or stop the cortisol production and calms the nervous system. 

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory & aids liver detoxification. Chai spices increase circulation and digestion, warming the body & the soul. 

Tulsi has been used as a medicinal herb in India for centuries to reduce the body's cortisol levels (the "stress" hormone), decrease anxiety and promote healthful sleep. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


A Dreamy Sleep Tonic: Turmeric & tulsi together form a soothing tonic for your body, mind & soul. Add a heaping tablespoon of this blend to your favorite milk & simmer on the stove for a golden milk-chai warming drink before bed.

A Sleep Ritual With Child's Pose Herbal Tea: Inhale the sweet and creamy scent of Child’s Pose, blended to perfection for both smooth, complex flavor and aromatherapeutic benefit. As you sip the herbal tea, allow your worries to melt away. Create a space to sip this tea each night, read poetry, and bring timeless comfort of time to be yours.


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