Deuxmoons Candle


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New Moon - Sandalwood, White Ginger, Yuzu 

Yuzu's edgy citrus scent, sandalwood's warmth, and clean floral notes combine for a fresh start. 

Supermoon - Calla Lily, Sea Salt 

Cally lily and sea salt combine in a bright and verdant floral fragrance.

Fullmoon - Lavender, Rose, Sassafras 

This full-bodied, floral fragrance has an herbal edge to inspire introspection and relaxation. 

Waxing Moon - Eucalyptus, Amber, Moonflower 

Eucalyptus, soft amber and lush floral notes encourage you to bloom and grow. 

Eclipse Moon - Sage, Juniper, Smoke 

Inspired by the sage smudge stick cleansing ritual, this warm, grounding fragrance will prepare you and your space for an eclipse's transformational effects. 

Approximate burn time: 50 hours | 11 oz. containers