Conscious Connection Box with Coconut Chai


Proprietary Blend of Fair Trade, Organic, Artisan Pu-erh, Assam & Biodynamically Grown Sri Lankan Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cloves, Essential oil of Cinnamon and Natural Coconut Flavor.

Both stimulating and soothing, This blend contains black tea, but is nearly 70% spices, lending itself to a low caffeine content. Considered medicinal by the culture that created the tradition of chai, our famed Coconut Chai lifts your mood, warms your heart, and invigorates your soul. 

Chai is a medicinal Ayurvedic blend of spices and tea leaves traditionally used to energize and warm relationships. The lively spices bring vital energy to conversation and sharing. While traveling in India or Sri Lanka, chai stalls are the gathering places of communities. Chai is as individual as the chai maker, which in Indian culture is often the grandmother. As she imparts her wisdom, the spices open the mind to receive. For lovers, chai brings sweet breath and kind words to your lips. 

DAWN OR DUSK: Dawn until Dusk. A spicy kiss, a warm fireside chat, a lingering touch. Steeping these life affirming spices grown in the wildlands of India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam fills the air around you with an intoxicating embrace. Coconut Chai is prized by all, as it makes any simple moment a celebratory event and creates a sacred space for meditation, sharing, reading a novel on a winter morning, as well as casting a glowing circle of grace for any gathering or tete a tete. 

SACRED STEEPINGS: Steep one heaping teaspoon in boiling water for 5-7 minutes, strain & enhance with a milk of your choice & honey, agave, or coconut sugar.  For a traditional chai, steep the tea and spices directly in steamed milk with coconut sugar.  

HEALTH BENEFITS: Illustrious Pu’erh black tea, the most prized tea of China, is considered probiotic and a weight loss gem because of its unique fermentation process. And, it has been called a “sin eraser” by those who love to imbibe rich food and drink. Biodynamically-grown Ceylon black tea is rich in powerful flavonoids shown in studies to aid our precious hearts, potentially lower LDL, and improve gut health. Piquant black pepper stimulates more than the mind as studies have shown it to be a master spice akin to turmeric in antioxidant levels. Studies show that it may be a spice of healing miracles in digestion, anti-aging and weight loss. Ginger stimulates circulation, eases nausea and supports digestion, and the high levels of organic cinnamon in this blend helps balance blood sugar and lift moods. Clove is a spice used for everything from relieving tooth pain to helping rid the intestines of non-beneficial elements. 

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS: Inhale Coconut Chai’s intoxicating steam as it steeps, and the overall effect will simultaneously provide a healthy dose of natural energy as well as a deep sigh of relaxation. Spicy ginger energizes and stimulates, warming you to the core. It even sharpens the mind by arousing memory function. The coconut will provide solace to your excitable nerves, reducing startle response. Cinnamon and clove work together to ease physical pain. It is also likely that a deep inhale of Coconut Chai will stimulate some cozy memories of the holidays and the colder seasons, and it smells so lovely that it will put you in a deliciously sensual, happy mood.

GLOBAL TEA TRADITION:  For thousands of years, spiced chai has been imbibed in homes on every street, temple and ashram in India. The blend of warming spices and rich black tea are usually boiled directly in milk, then strained, sweetened and served in clay cups. It is a social tea and every family in India has their very own special blend, and most families use it as a form of potent Ayurvedic medicine. Chai is served to visitors on beautiful trays as a sign of hospitality, or sipped among close friends and family for lively and enchanting storytelling.

CLUB MAGIC HOUR TRADITION: Have Tea with the Masters: Gay & Katie Hendricks. For over 30 years, Gay and Katie Hendricks - authors of the highly acclaimed book, Conscious Loving - have been nurturing a conscious love relationship, purposefully nourishing their connection by diving deep into the principles of joy, creativity and intimacy together. Their purpose involves sharing the wisdom they’ve procured over the last few decades, bringing healing and restoring love in countless relationships around the globe. Engaging in daily ritual together is an essential ingredient for their delicious connection. Cups of Coconut Chai steam between the couple as they look deeply into each other’s eyes, laughing together in a moment of divine connection. 


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