Self-Guided 7 Day Earth Magic Tea Cleanse with Zhena!



Let's celebrate our beloved mother earth with a special, one-of-a-kind cleanse! We'll ground into the greatness of the elements together through this truly transformative journey, while learning the ancient wisdom of tea and its profound medicinal effects. The cleanse will provide everything you with need to feel healthy, healed and whole. 

Together we'll explore the nuances of how mother earth shapes and flavors different teas, depending on the environment they're grown in - from the mountains, to the valleys, and beyond. A true taste of terre-noire. 

What you'll receive: 

*Daily customized exercise videos to help keep you grounded, grow your self-esteem, deepen your self-love and keep you rooted in your health, your truth, and the incredible energies around us. 

*Sacred teachings on how to utilize tea for beautiful skin, hair, and even some tea-bath recipes, too! 

*A 7-day guided booklet with recipes and health benefits to accompany you 

*Access to our private Facebook Group 

*Love, Support and Wellness Tips from Zhena & Our Communitea 

Choose Your Experience:

Tea Cleanse Kit: 7 sample pouches (10 cups in each pouch) of Genmaicha, Jasmine Pearls, Ti Quan Yin Oolong, Renewal, Dragonwell Longling Green Tea, Sin Eraser, and Burgundy Black. -77$

All Tea'd Up Cleanse Kit: This is the NO TEA, PLEASE option for $33 With each option, you will receive access to the morning and evening meditation and ceremony, and workouts led by Zhena. You will also gain access to the twice daily Tea Ceremonies, access to private members only cleanse page, the workbook to print and use for your journey and access to the Ceremonial Cleanse FB group. Truly, this specially curated earth magic experience is unlike anything else seen before. A ceremonial cleanse in communion with mother earth that is not to be missed!

Earth Magic Cleanse


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