January Ceremonial Tea Cleanse with New #TeaStrong Workouts!


Herald 2021 with newfound energy, and revitalize your body and mind with our Live Ceremonial Tea Cleanse. Through this 8-day journey, led by our founder and master blender, Zhena, you will receive:

*Daily tea exercise videos called #TeaStrong
*2 daily ceremonies with Zhena via Zoom
*Recipes and a live Q&A, daily
*8-day guided booklet
*Access to our private Facebook Group
*Love, Support and Wellness Tips from Zhena & Our Communitea

Optimize your wellness with an accessible way to use tea on a daily basis. You'll release excess weight (both physical and mental), sleep more deeply, enhance your brain function, and increase your joy! Join Zhena for this exciting 8-day tea cleanse with your deluxe tea kit. 

Let us use tea to touch the Radiance and Strength within us, so that we may express ourselves more freely and fully in the world. 

In this time where our wellness, emotional resilience and spiritual practices are paramount, allow yourself to be taken on a daily journey of tea and transformation alongside our founder, tea master, and medicine woman, Zhena. 

You will naturally detoxify your body, release unwanted habits, learn nourishing self-care rituals, engage in TeaStrong workouts and create ceremonies of wellness and connection in less than an hour a day!* 

Cleanse your Mind-Body-Spirit in our 8-day tea cleanse featuring meditation, tea ceremonies, tea workouts & tea yoga, and infinite wellness benefits!*

The purpose of this cleanse is to help you find your body's natural tea and wellness algorithm, enhance your immunity and relax into wellness with mindful tea and botanical ceremonies twice a day.* 

Tea’s abundant health benefits range from brain support, detoxification, mood balance, metabolism enhancement, anti-aging and anti-anxiety properties, prebiotic and probiotic digestive support, as well as balancing blood sugar and lowering cortisol levels while aiding sleep and relaxation.*

The Mission behind our Ceremonial Cleanse is to help you learn your body's natural algorithms, expand your intuition and increase your feel-good hormones through calming rituals that allow you to nurture your body, mind and soul.*

You will journey with Zhena as she guides you through daily meditation, self-reflection, habit witnessing, tea ceremony and journaling, while learning how to:
+Calm your nervous system*
+Balance moods*
+Release excess weight*
+Tune into your heart’s language through the Art & Science of Tea*

You will learn the details of each herb and tea for added knowledge and expertise, so you can create a natural apothecary to deepen your relationship with the plant world.

*You will uncover parts of yourself that may have been silenced long ago.
*You will learn to live in greater alignment with your purpose.  
*With the guidance of tea ceremony, you will uncover newfound calm to increase your well-being during a time when the world feels chaotic.
*You will learn discernment, so you can take your attention and time back.
*You will learn somatic healing techniques to add to your daily peace arsenal.

What you'll receive:
*8 days of morning meditation and ceremony
*8 days of evening ceremony and review of day
*7 days of #TeaStrong workouts led by Zhena (11-12 minute exercise sequences)
*Live recordings available to stream on your private members cleanse page
*Tea recipes, supplement information and tea education 
*A beautiful PDF workbook to print and use for your journey 
*Access to the Ceremonial Cleanse FB group 

Optional Ceremonial Tea Cleanse Kits Available For PRE-ORDER.
Shipping to begin the week of January 11th, 2021.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you'd like to enhance your cleanse experience with customized tea kits, choose your selection at checkout by clicking on one of the kits in the product dropdown menu. Each kit includes the $22 cleanse program fee. 

Here are your Tea Kit options:
Luxe Cleanse Kit: 12 x one ounce pouches (15 cups in each pouch) for $99
- Includes: Almond Matcha, Bohemian Breakfast, Child's Pose, Citrine Cleanse, Coconut Chai, Goddess Green, Lucid Dream, Mantra Mint, Moringa Moon, Ruby Moon, Sin Eraser, and Renewal.

Caffeine-Free Cleanse Kit: 6 x one ounce pouches (15 cups in each pouch) for $55
- Includes: Child's Pose, Citrine Cleanse, Lucid Dreams, Mantra Mint, Moringa Moon, and Ruby Moon.

All Tea'd Up Cleanse Kit: This is the NO TEA, PLEASE option for $33
You will receive access to the morning and evening meditation and ceremony, and #TeaStrong workouts led by Zhena. You will also gain access to the live recordings, available to stream on your private members cleanse page, the workbook to print and use for your journey and access to the Ceremonial Cleanse FB group.
The January Cleanse box will begin shipping the week of January 11th, 2021
Schedule & Course Outline
Cleanse Date: January 20th - 27th, 2021
Daily: 7am PST (20 minutes) Morning Mindfulness Tea Ceremony (recorded for replay)
Evening Check In: 5pm PST (20-30 minutes) Evening Tea Ceremony + Q&A
Members can chat and connect on the FB Group throughout each day to love on and support one another!

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