3-Month Astrology Tea Reservation for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


As Rare & Uncommon as You

Magic Hour's Astrology Teas are as Rare and Uncommon as you. Formulated specifically for each sign with Pinnacle Grade Teas from around the world, the Astrology Collection is one you will not want to miss. 

To ensure you don't lose the opportunity to collect our most sophisticated teas to date, we are offering the collection to ship upon release. 

This is a reservation for the Violet Glass Apothecary Jar of Tea for the first 3 of the Zodiac signs and is available for Pre-Pay only. This 3-Month reservation offers a savings of $33.00

  •  Capricorn ~ Begins Shipping January 15th
  •  Aquarius
  •  Pisces

*Please note: This collection is not part of our monthly subscription offering. This exclusive collection is available for a limited time, and is available to reserve in advance while supplies last.*

Capricorn is a toasty, metabolism-boosting Se Chung oolong that melds harmoniously with Ti Quan Yin—Goddess of Compassion—Oolong for a warming & deeply satisfying steep. Prebiotic and rich fuji apple melds with slightly toasted pepitas and ground the blend the way Capricorn grounds her intentions into reality, with focus and power. Maple and spice are sprinkled in, uniquely elevating this blend of oolongs—a surprise flavor profile that brings comforts of the past, while the energy of Capricorn forges into the future, aligning with Saturn’s taskmaster vibes. 

Zhena blended this beloved tea to her rising sign, nodding that her “Capricorn rising is her saving grace.” Capricorn has the incredible ability to “get down to business” and really accomplish the greatest feats. We dedicate this blend to the Capricorn aspect in each of us—the empowered queen who rolls her sleeves up and completes the task at hand with focus and a splendor only she who has befriended the cosmic taskmaster—Saturn—can. 

To learn more about the Capricorn Tea, Click HERE.