Organic Ceremonial Matcha Gift Box : Matcha Traveler Jar, Bamboo Scoop, MH Whisk, Shoyeido Emerald Incense & Kinto Matcha Bowl (330mL)



Each Set Includes: 

  • 30g of Organic Ceremonial Matcha in Violet Glass Traveler Jar (30 Servings) 
  • Bamboo Scoop 
  • Handmade Magic Hour Bamboo Matcha Whisk 
  • Kinto Double-Walled Glass Matcha Bowl (330mL) 
  • Shoyeido Emerald Incense 

Organic Ceremonial Matcha is sourced from a pristine, lush valley in Kagoshima, Japan, far away from pollutants and toxins. The tea leaves are carefully harvested and stored in a dark place, only ground to order just before it is sent to our shop for packaging. The freshness of the tea is both reflected in its bright green hue and sparkling taste on the tongue. Its creamy Umami flavor spreads over your palate delicately, flecked with overtones of sun-warmed grass. 

Bamboo Scoop Elevate your tea ceremony with our ecologically-crafted, ceremonially-minded handmade bamboo Chashaku which is the perfect measurement for one cup of Ceremonial Matcha. Use one rounded scoop for a "light" serving of matcha or 2 scoops for a richer serving. Magic Hour Bamboo Matcha Whisk Our very own handmade bamboo Ceremonial Matcha Whisk! Crafted from a single piece of Bamboo, cut carefully to form curved bristles which froth your matcha perfectly. 

Kinto Double-Walled Glass Matcha Bowl Our favorite tea accessories from Japan elevate your daily practice to ceremony. With superior craftsmanship, durability and elegance. 

Shoyeido Emerald Incense Pure rare plant botanicals in our favorite ritual incense from Japan. Each blend burns clean and scents the air with nature's most precious offerings. Every Magic Hour tea ritual begins with the lighting of a candle or incense to create a sacred space for presence.

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Zhena Teaches A Simple Mindful Matcha Ritual

Global Tea Ritual:

Chanyous, also known as Japanese tea ceremonies, have been using matcha since the end of the 12th century in their mindfulness rituals as their vehicle for embodying four sacred principles, wa, kei, sei and jaku. These matcha tea ceremonies are deeply steeped in these principles, as they remind one of the most revered values a human being can hold: harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei), and tranquility (jaku) 

These ceremonies begin with purification rites. These are followed by a silent bow from the host to honor the guests, then the graceful whisking of powdered matcha and hot water in individual cups creates a luscious foam. Each guest slowly takes a sip, one by one. And as it began, the ceremony ends in an honorary bow.