Manager of Cosmic Flow (Operations Manager): Justin Davis


Client Connection & Care Empress (Manager): Jacqueline LaFarga


Assistant Tea Blender & Operations Empress (Asst. Manager): Ashley Proffitt

Marketing Mermaid & Empress of Sharing Magic: Kris Oster PhD. 


Double Virgo Maestro of Magic (Zhena's Right Hand & Wholesale Division Manager): Thomas Murphree 
What I officially do at Magic Hour: Calm the chaos…Wholesale support & jump in and help wherever I am needed!
My Favorite Magic Hour Tea: Almond Matcha
My Favorite Magic Hour Accessory: My Black Orchid Candle
Why I love Magic Hour: The amazing people, the creativity and heart of the company.
What I do when I’m Not Working: Hanging out with my husband and doggie!
What I’ve learned through Tea: Patience and slowing life down a little.
My purpose in life is…to help others.


Tea Production Shaman & Manager of Great Vibes (also Zhena's personal trainer who we hope will become our Tea-Workout Guru soon!) : Gillermo Ramirez